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Well, I have recovered from my sugar toxicity as a result of my Halloween candy orgy and I realize it is high time I stop running from uber fab place to the next and check in.

Today, I was at THAT COFFEE place (the minute they donate to my charity of choice) I will name them here and a friend mentioned she loved the blog (aw shucks) but she wanted to hear more from the women folk that make “LA-LA” land so La –La – Luscious!   In retrospect this was a point well taken so please note….No favoritism here, I write as I encounter the uberlicious and as of late, they just happen  to be those manly men we love to love.

So after finishing my double Frappa-Rappa-Skinny-Minnie-Tai- Chi (or something like that), I got on the phone and had a lil’ chat with my BBSSWSNBFF (Bubbly, Beautiful, Sexy, Sassy, Witty, Smart, New Best, Friend Forever) Jessica Hall to talk the talk about her rising star status as on-air correspondent with the new daily E! Network program “THAT MORNING SHOW,” as well as being painfully funny working on ABC’s JIMMY KIMMEL LIVE.

So what’s a sexy, sultry “girl” doing at The Laugh Factory in Los Angeles?  Quite a bit it seems as audiences LOVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVE her and realize she far more than just another pretty face!


As on-air personality and host of Playboy’s “Morning After” radio show alongside co-host, Brandie Moses, (Monday’s at 10am PST / 1pm EST to Playboy Radio Sirius & XM 99).  She is not afraid to speak her mind and does so with the same charm and grace she shared during our chat.

Loving her work in the “field” with E! She is the first to admit that “ making the leap from sexy pin up girl to mainstream newsie is not the norm…”  Clearly Ms. Jessica is more than meets they eye, but no doubt she is eye candy and why hide that fact (as if she could).

Managed by Ray Manzella who was the man behind Vanna White, Pamela Anderson and Jenny McCarthy’s stardom, Jessica is delightfully humble but clearly a woman who understands the business.

“I don’t want to be known as the pretty girl!  Does it open doors?  Yessssss, but they quickly close if you can’t spell your own name without help…”

Name spelling is not an issue for this fierce and fabulicious woman who is using her beauty and talent to raise money and awareness for important causes including Breast Cancer.

Not ever being mistaken as a “Chick Magnet” I finished our conversation feeling remarkable manly… Now if Jessica can do that to me????  Ms. Hall you posses powers beyond even YOUR wildest imagination!

The buzz is a buzzin’ and it has Sex And The City written all over it.   Been keepin’ a big ol’ secret for days and bustin at the seams but my UCAUSBFF (Uber Cool And Uber Sexy Best Friend Forever) Max Ryan will be hittin’ the streets of NYC HARD…. (shawwwwwwwwwwing) As part of the atomic Sex And The City sequel.

Who’s the lucky gal?  None other than Samantha (Kim Cattrall) how many ways can we say Max yummy salt and pepper Ryan?

Stay tuned cause Max will be talkin’ to me sooner than soon

Are you a Lost fan…? Got some new buzz a brewin’ so find your way back and bring a friend next week!

Max Ryan Is Buzzin’

September 7, 2009

The buzz on Max Ryan is about to break this week…   This guy has flown slightly below the radar far too long


* In Production
* 2000s

1. Relentless (2009/I) (in production) …. Isaac Deal
2. Double Fault (2011) (pre-production) …. Nick Halladay
3. The Rogue (2010) (pre-production) …. Bertrand
4. Wild Michigan (2009) (pre-production) …. Actor
5. Blackline: The Beirut Contract (2009) (post-production) …. Miller
6. Four Years Running (2009) (post-production) …. James Radcliffe
7. Dark Moon Rising (2009) (completed) …. Darkman/Bender

8. Death Race (2008) …. Pachenko
9. Skorumpowani (2008) …. Siergiej
10. The Box (2007/II) …. Ray Kamen
11. Thr3e (2006) …. Milton
12. The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen (2003) …. Dante

I am sworn to keep it on the DL for a few more days… Stay tuned….  Same bat channel

Keepin’ the Buzz

August 31, 2009

I just spent a great weekend at a hip W hotel and I have the sunburn and heartburn to prove it.   Met a fragrance guru (name to follow) and a sexy shoe mogul (A Choo!) sorry I think I might have caught a cold!

I just wanted to touch base and let you know that I have certainly not abandoned the buzz.  In fact, some very cool things are on the horizon.  But before we can move on a few loose ends

1.  Part II of the Adrian Paul interview… He is crazy busy but as soon as I can get my hands on him (wink) I will post

2. I have a gift guide brewing…SoRELAXEDCHAIR if you know of any cool pop culture gifts to be featured here please let me know

3. Thanks for blowing the roof off with this blog…We are giving you know who a run for his money.

Sending you some fab u licios vibes


A little added treat from Scott!

Lonely Girl is the new single from OceanLab (Above & Beyond and Justine Suissa). The single coincides with the release of OceanLab ‘Sirens Of The Sea REMIXED’, which reached #1 in iTunes dance album chart in the US. The video for Lonely Girl was shot in LA and features model Jacqueline Lord.

Lonely Girl Video

This is damn HOTTTTTT!

I often open with a pithy little introduction hoping to connect my random life with the remarkable people I have the pleasure of speaking with.   Today I am not feeling overwhelmingly pithy but rather more like a guy with an opportunity to introduce the blog o sphere to one of my favorite places I call “home”…Miami

But of course I would be nothing if I did not do it with the help of a Tour Guide extraordinaire  – The enigmatic Elaine Lancaster – according to “legend”, fate and a bit of irony brought her to us in a way as is usually spun from a good tale, novel and/or novella…  As “on the very day fashion icon Gianni Versace was murdered in front of his Ocean Drive mansion—July 15, 1997—James Davis awoke to his first morning on South Beach after relocating here from Dallas. There was a cruel irony in their shared twists of fate, because Davis—much better known today as drag diva Elaine Lancaster—had moved to South Beach because of Versace. I had been a fashion model in Milan for a while and I got to know the whole Versace family,” says the six-foot, two-inch, blond-haired, blue-eyed Davis.” “So, I moved to Miami to be close to the Versaces and all of that energy….”

Photo by: http://www.facebook.com/l/;www.howardaustinfeld.com


But this is not about a life half lived by any means, as it is James Davis-as-Elaine Lancaster that manifests the same transformational and creative genius that Gianni Versace gave to us and left as his gift to South Beach. Moreover, it is witness to Davis’s tenacious will that he did not simply turn his back on his newly found home when his idol was viciously murdered on the steps of his beachfront mansion.

In a recent interview I had the pleasure and priveledge of being privy to some remarkable insights from what I consider to be an “old soul” with legs for days!!!

So when I asked… “Would you mind playing cosmic tour guide and goddess of the Universe for me…?  The answer was a resounding  – “YES”

Why Miami? What makes Miami tick? You have lived and worked everywhere why make Miami your home?

“I have been fortunate in so many ways in my life, and after living in various cities in the United States, as well as Europe, I found myself wanting to live in Florida. I visited Key West for 3 months and thought that might be a great little cove to call home but it was way too small and after a few months I knew I could never live there full time.

I moved to Miami Beach July 15, 1997 to be close to Gianni Versace as I became friends with him and his brother in law, Paul Beck in Milan where I was living prior. Ironically, that was the same day he was gunned downed and killed on the front steps of his home. So in almost an instant my aspirations had taken a new direction. I have always loved the spotlight and making people enjoy themselves, so I brought Elaine Lancaster to life and what a life it has been for me so far. No matter where in the world I go or who is in the room from Presidents to A List Celebrities, when Elaine walks in the room it becomes hers at least for a while. I feel it and it is a very powerful thing. I never created Elaine to be mean or nasty, but rather to uplift, inspire and hopefully educate people about people. It is so much easier to affect change through humor than from standing on a soap box preaching.”

You want to be respected in life? Then learn to respect others.

Where are we in the world REALLY? You have a rare opportunity to see the “state of the union” as a performer as (excuse if this is not how you see yourself) a gay man, as a comedian, social satirist and in some ways from a female perspective as you have studied the female to perfect your art.

“Elaine Lancaster is a character that I create as a profession. I do not live the life nor would I ever want to. The life of Elaine is too demanding and she is wanted to be everything to everybody. I love the duplicity of being able to wash it all off and be me. I am extremely lucky to be a gay man who is completely at ease with my sexual orientation.  I know what makes a man a man. It has nothing to do with ones physicality. I also know what it is like to walk a mile in a woman’s shoes…. LITERALLY.  I know that this is a man’s world and always will be, but I also know what strong, amazing creatures women are. They are the givers of life and I am happy to see men in America becoming aware of their emotional side and allowing themselves to feel and respond to those feelings. Not just Gay men, but all men.   It gives me such hope for our culture.”

Tell us a secret – Something we don’t know about you but now we will.

“I do live an intriguing life that has been completely by my own design. It is not something one can buy, study to become, or even pray to have. One must be born with the energy and zest for loving life or else one would tire quickly or would never be successful. My JOB is flashy, superficial in appearance, self- So I can live a life that seems like complete and utter surface, but the man behind the woman is anything but.  absorbed, simplistic, oversimplified, flimsy, empty, trivial, surface, skin-deep, two-dimensional, frivolous, foolish, silly, BUT my life is not….

I pride myself on being college educated.  I have traveled to most of the worlds capitals and have a true love and desire to learn about people from around the world. I have raised 20 million dollars for various charities within the past 10 years and received Proclamations from Miami Beach and Dallas, Texas declaring Elaine Lancaster Days.

Elaine is an Actor, singer, style icon, DJ, Entertainer, Costume Designer, Booker, Agent, writer, Columnist for the Glossy, Miami Monthly Magazine and guest writer for the Miami Herald.

On a personal note, I am most happy with the family I have, and the few, but true friendships I have maintained over the years, since they are the ones who love me regardless of who I may be to the world. I am also a friend to the friendless and try to be there for those who have no one to lend them a hand. Although I have learned through the years one must take care of themselves first and foremost.”

Nope not feeling very pithy today, but feeling rather awed and inspired… Thank you Elaine.  I simply don’t know what else to say…

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In my world which is made up of blogging, celebrity buzz, Celebrity Life Coaching and the Tinsle of “La La Land” and beyond…Sometimes something comes across my radar that reminds me I have the best job in the world!

…In the pop culture sci-fi, offbeat musical Little Shop of Horrors, the Urchins (e.g, the small Greek Chorus) open the show singing –“Alarm goes off at seven and your start up- town, putting the eight-hours like you always do..oo…oo…oo…oo…oo”

Well my days are not exactly your traditional eight-hours and half the time I don’t know uptown from downtown let alone cross-town… So it is safe to say it can feel less than normal and even like I am…  (Achem – Segue)… living in the “Twilight Zone”

Yes TwilightTwilight the book, the movie, Twilight the – Justin Chon talks to me…Twilight! One more time just in case you got all wrapped up in the very mention of it T W I  L I G H T!

Annnwayyyy…I caught Justin after what sounded like a very long, very intense day as he had just finished an audition for nothing less than one of Shakespear’s classics.   Obviously this young man has some serious acting chops to even be considered for such a role.  But clearly I am not the first to take note of his talent.


Insightful, introspective, humble and damn funny-Justin stood proudly by his days with Nickelodeon noting “not many of my fans may even remember me from that, but no matter it was fun and it is all part of the ride.”  He also noted that he had the worst luck with cell phones – of which I had no idea of what he was referring being that he only dropped my call three times.

Seriously, each time I interview a celeb I wonder just before we make the connection  what it will be like to delve into the life, love and all points in between? Justin made my job very easy as I felt like I was talking to an old friend.

Now while I am a HUGE fan, I freely admit I might not win every Twilight trivia contest knowing full well that those who are reading this have heard it, read it, seen it and know it from countless other interviews that dare I say “revist” much of the same material.

So my new BFF Justin or to be more exact my THWABHBFF or (Twilight Hottie With A Big Heart Best Friend Forever) yes the abbreviations are getting longer each time, was more than willing to leap over the fodder and cover some new territory.

First and foremost he is clearly a young man far beyond his 28 years, as he understands the path he has chosen is not an easy one and that in many ways he is paving the way for Korean Americans in the arts.   “I am not my parents generation and my kids will have even an easier time.  Right now the list of Korean American actors is a little short, but I know that will change and I hope in some small way I can be part of that change.”

It is nothing new in Tinsel town for celebs like Justin to show up at charity events to catch the publicity wave.  Instead, this guy does it quietly and for a cause many may not even be aware of.  Lupus, an autoimmune disease that nearly 80% of America has never heard of strikes women of child-bearing years (especially minority women) in numbers that are staggering.   Confusing the body, lupus leads to potential failure of all the vital organs as well as extreme joint pain and hypersensitivity to light.  Add to that our “lost boys” the 10 percent of men and young boys impacted by the disease and we have a big problem on our hands.

Justin to the rescue!  His support of the leading organization for lupus, the LRI (Lupus Research Institute) comes out of a desire to support a close friend who is living with the disease every day.   In our recent interview he shared that, “I care a lot about people who are suffering and when it hits close to home of course it makes me want to do even more. Lupus is certainly not one of those high profile diseases so even if I am only making a small difference, it is still a difference nonetheless.”

Now that is how the world needs to work!

Is he happy?  By all accounts and direct quotes “yes”.  Is this the last stop on a heck of a wild ride?  “ah no” (another direct quote)

When we did enter the “Twilight Zone” and discuss the movie’s phenomenal success- Chon was insightful as usual.  “Twilight has mass appeal because it speaks to universal truths…Life, love, loneliness and the ever magnetic pull of immortality.”  How does he feel about such a diverse fan base?  “I love my fans, they are considerate, gentle, caring and yeah it does nice things for the ego now and again…”  And who wouldn’t mind a little ego boost from time to time?

As the interview came to a close I was shocked to see nearly 30 minutes had passed.  Not only did it feel like no time at all, but in Justin’s whirlwind existence 30 minutes of HIS “downtime” is quite a precious gift.

With a promise for a “sequel” to this interview and a “stay cool bro” from Justin, it closed with just enough time left to confirm from the source

  1. Single
  2. Looking
  3. Employed

This guy is the Holy Grail ladies!

Thanks Justin you are truly a STAR…

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Just got a ping from Max and his “people’  You saw it her FIRST here

Can this guy please get a pimple?   We love ya MaxKM2V9442_2

FRONTPOOLSHOTVERYGOODBack from my Staycation and had time to reflect and look at the state of things.  Not nearly as deep as it sounds but with some hot buzz in the pipeline think of this as a more global look at what we watch – Later we will be hearing from those we watch doing it – well not doing it per se…Not in the biblical sense…Ahhhhh Monday, Monday go away

…It is simple fact that you would have needed to live on a deserted island in say the South China Sea, to have avoided being swept away by the initial Survivor mania. As a self-proclaimed channel surfer, “hang ten for me means hit the TIVO while I hit the kitchen for a quick snack, so I admit freely I have seen the ebb and flow, the wax and wane of all kinds of programming branded reality and now find myself wondering what does “reality” really mean?

Sure when someone eats a worm or a bug, jumps from a plane or hikes up her bloomers in Paris all in the name of love we know we are watching something absurd, but that worm slides down slow and slimy and with no stunt double waiting in the wings. But what about the new age of reality? What I have come to call “dramality”. Oh you know full well what I am talking about as we each sit glued to the television as The ladies of Wysteria Lane take to a neighborhood just similar enough to our own to make the gay son, the Bipolar teenager, and the plumber every woman dreams of real enough to keep us hooked “Dramality”, from the operating room of Grey’s Anatomy to those desperate but delightful housewives what makes this new genre so much more appealing?

In my opinion, we simply need a short break from reality and this is just enough to “keep it real” without the “reality hangover”. In fact, the equation seems quite simple or maybe I am simply justifying that fact that I think I have a desperate housewife trapped inside me. When we watch Extreme Home Makeover (and I do, loving every minute of it; although why won’t Sears donate a hairbrush for TY?) When the sun sets on that fabulicious new house we still have a very real a little girl or boy who remains terminally ill, a wife who has lost her beloved husband or a family torn apart by mother nature.

But when Brea takes a bottle of whiskey and a crystal goblet to bed or “McDreamy” breaks another heart in the Emergency Room. I think to myself, “I know what it feels like to want to escape life, to live within an imperfect family trying to keep the mask and the masquerade in tact, I know what it is like to work long hours for a seemingly uncaring boss and have friends desert me in my time of need. Ah, “dramality” that place we can go day after day channel after channel where even though it looks like a duck and quacks like a duck it isn’t the SWAN and dealing with reality is really quite simple. As your Average Joe is not quite average and we can find solace and safety in knowing Teri Hatcher fell in love with Superman but a decade ago so she will find love again Dramality reigns supreme, unless of course I walk into work today only to hear The Donald say, “You’re fired”. I’ll keep you posted.

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