I don’t care what anyone says SHE defines uber fab!

In the wake of Haiti’s catastrophe, it is good to know that the “Material Girl” is still willing to share her good fortune. According to sources at Partners in Health, “Madonna has donated $250,000 to Partners in Health, which is a health care provider in Haiti. The singer stated, ‘we must act now,’ and is encouraging all her friends and fans to follow in her footsteps and donate whatever they can.

Many celebrities have shown overwhelming support for the survivors and their devastating loss which is further proof that Tinsel Town has some depth of character. While Madonna has long taken many fiery darts for her outspoken, aggressive stance on life, love, family and just about everything else; she has time and again been on the forefront of many important causes.

Photo Source:  Hollywood News

Did she front the 1 million bucks graciously donated by Hollywood’s royal couple, Brad and Angelina? Not quite, but it appears while “girls may come and girls may go…”  This “girl” is here to stay and leverage her fame and name for what is simply the right thing to do.


While I freely admit my ego is intact as I can look in the mirror and I am only marginally horrified by the guy looking back.  If you want to feel really “not young” REALLY fast…Watch, attend, read about – hell even discuss The Teen Choice Awards.   I have nothing against them, nothing against the Tweens, Teens and all points in between (kind of faboo in the name of word-play) but even if I took Botox intravenously, I would still have to face fact – I am not 17 any more.  So as I tweeted and sent off semi- random text on my oh – so fab u licious I Phone (that I had to sell my own mother to the gypsies and pay an early upgrade fee to have the honor of owning) I realized while I would not want to be 17 again… Cassidy Lehrman, my new HHANTLBFF or (Hip Happening and Now Technology Loving Best Friend Forever) of the HBO explosion Entourage – (Ari Gold’s (Jeremy Piven’s) daughter) – reminds me that 17 is pretty cool – And if she is any indication of what the new generation of “Tinsel Town” will be? Ladies and Gentleman she has set the bar mighty high as both an actress and all around human being.

It was clear from the moment we spoke that Cassidy’s success was no happy accident as she has her head squarely set on her petite shoulders and her sites set on longevity rather than “flash in the pan success”.


Here “bio” reads like one of her role on the Gilmore Girls

  1. Daughter to Hippee Parents
  2. Moved 17 times
  3. Studies Krav Maga (A form of Self Defense with Israeli roots)

And while she is a lovely young lady – She has already taken on the role of Journalist, Radio Host and Princess of the Universe (ok I added that one to make it a clean triplet) long before she would even consider being Prom Queen.  So when she decided at age 12 she wanted to be an Actress, it made sense to move the family to Los Angeles for Pilot Season as success was something Cassidy had taken on as both an art and science.

As the SELF proclaimed guru of all things Pop Culture, it is both my pleasure and my duty to know the 411 on my new BFF soooo I took great delight in sharing with her that her popularity rating according to the “powers that be” at IMBD was off the charts this week.  “Really?” was what I heard from the other end of the phone? Yuppers! 32% increase Bravo?  And what did she attest this to? And I quote… “hmmmm, dunno but really?”

I have to say with more than a single decade separating us in age I truly felt a connection to this spit fire and new HHANTLBFF (please refer to the above if you have forgotten).   When I asked her about her lack of ANY negative “buzz” her response was, well quite logical…”It’s just as easy to stay out of trouble as it is to get into to it…”   Ok I think we have found our next President.

So what is it like to be one of the hottest shows EVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVER?  Cassidy is not one to hold back… “Every time they call a wrap – I want to say – NOOOOO let’s keep going.  It is an amazing cast and crew a terrific script and I love every minute of it!”

With just a few more minutes together and a few more points to ponder we came to the “Wish List” – That moment when I double dog dare my “buddies” to step away from World Peace and a cure for all that plagues us and just be deliciously “selfish” (just for a moment RELAX!)

So Ms. Cassidy was more than willing to play along… What would she like?

  1. A Hover Craft (if ya’ don’t know look it up)
  2. I Phone 3-Gs (Yes! Slam Dunk)
  3. Smart Paper (Ok I did not know about this so I will help ya out – http://thecabal.org/gurps/rareitems/smart.html

And as for romance

  1. Single
  2. Looking
  3. Did I say looking?

Any young man would be very lucky and if I hear he is not treating her right…He will have to deal ME!

P.S.  Extra points to the guy who can drive a Hover Craft and knows a few things about  Smart Paper!

For for information please contact Michael Kaliski, Omniquest Media

Just got a ping from Max and his “people’  You saw it her FIRST here

Can this guy please get a pimple?   We love ya MaxKM2V9442_2

Ooh – She may be “Forever My Girl”  but Paula Abdul  is livin’ in the grey space between “love ya or hate you” .  While this will never be a place for “Celebrity Smack” as my dear friend “Spicy Pants” does that and does it well, I would be remiss if I did not give voice to differing opinions.


Soooooo when my HHANBFF or (Hip Happening And Now Best Friend Forever Ever) Sulle of VH1’s The White Rapper Show gave me the ol’ “shout out” I felt an overwhelming need to first congratulate him on his debut album release  as well as his current hit  “Sippin” featuring Busta Rhymes.  Yes that was Sulle, VHI and Busta all in my sandbox…Life is good.

Sulle kept it real and real direct when he shared with me that,

“I think American Idol could be hosted by a parrot and it wouldn’t hurt viewership, but I don’t blame Paula for holding out – the networks clean up on reality shows!  She should guest star or co-host Terrell Owen’s new show on VH1 in the meantime and hold for more bucks.”


Recording artist Sullee is best known for his part in VH1’s infamous “Ego Trips: The White Rapper Show,” when he walked away from the cash and the show in defense of his music.  A man with morals and spine BRAVO!

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Type, type, type – power outage, type, type SAVE work, power outage but who cares…Besides, discovering that writing goes far more smoothly when I save my work, I am also thrilled to be “coming to you” via my new Mac Book Pro… Which I will say nothing more about unless of course THOSE FOLKS at THAT COMPANY would like me to be their fabulicious new sponsor.


Two words – Max Ryan… One more word BFF (is that a word?)  Not only is Max a hell of nice guy he is also by all accounts a major hottie so to be ethical in my journalistic endeavors, he is more accurately my NMHBFF or (New Major Hottie Best Friend Forever)… Of course one would think that this would suffice and Max can now feel as if he has come full circle and his life is complete, but this is a man with goals and aspirations far beyond simply basking in the after glow of my anonymity.

First and foremost his list of accomplishments are far too long so please visit this guy or at least his resume at IMBD http://www.imdb.com/name/nm1043075/

Max first came across my radar in League of Extraordinary Gentleman (of which he is one), and later in Death Race where it became clear he was an “Adrenaline Junky”… With Dark Moon Rising and Double Fault in production and post production, this A Lister has a proclivity for the “D” movies…

…”Ready for a killer ride!” the tag line for Death Race could almost be prophetic as this man is a star on the rise.

So being the shy guy that I am (NOT) I had so many earth shattering questions to wow and amaze him with…First and foremost of course I wanted to know what is was like being a hottie (I know so shallow) yet sooooo necessary.

Max is a wonderfully insightful, humble and intelligent man with an edgy sense of humor that is not only endearing but clearly one of the many reasons he is quickly moving up the Hollywood food chain.

With no negative buzz that I could find (and believe me I looked, called, tweeted and …) his “need for speed” has obviously been kept in check as he builds the “Ryan Brand”.   One fan asked – “Why don’t we hear more about this guy?”   Good question and good answer… Max explains he is figuring things out on this side of pond and realizes he has a job to do off and on the set…”I need to be just as focused on promoting my projects and I think I have an amazing team behind me to make it happen”

Did you know about the Bond buzz?   Seems Max has a huge fan base, industry executives included that think he just might make a faboo 007…Would he do it?  Ah that would be a “yes” a big ol’ heapin, steamin portion of “YES”…

Needing to get back to the set Max did admit that although he would not change his life for anything and feels truly blessed…  He does realize that while he is not complaining –“Most people can phone in sick to work but my job is zero to hero no turning back.  You hit the set running and you don’t look back…”

This is a guy with a good head on his shoulders (and my lady friends confirm it is truly sweeeeeeeeeet!)

I can’t sing his praise enough…Talented, handsome, humble, focused, funny and best of all he called me…Ok now let me say that again…HE CALLED ME…Perhaps he secretly is overwhelmed by my nearly famous status and hopes some of well me will rub off on him?

Max –FYI don’t hate the player…hate the game you are all that and a bag of low fat chips and I can’t wait to see the gazillion projects poised and ready to catapult you into the stratosphere…The invitation to Thanksgiving holds and please call me the next time you get a damn pimple and cut yourself shaving.

P.S.  I have never interviewed anyone who I could quote as saying “Beauty comes from within and good hygiene is a monthly thing” – Deep and well kinda gross at the same time.  What a guy!

Visit Max on Twitter at @MrMaxRyan and here is another photo ladies and…

FRONTPOOLSHOTVERYGOODBack from my Staycation and had time to reflect and look at the state of things.  Not nearly as deep as it sounds but with some hot buzz in the pipeline think of this as a more global look at what we watch – Later we will be hearing from those we watch doing it – well not doing it per se…Not in the biblical sense…Ahhhhh Monday, Monday go away

…It is simple fact that you would have needed to live on a deserted island in say the South China Sea, to have avoided being swept away by the initial Survivor mania. As a self-proclaimed channel surfer, “hang ten for me means hit the TIVO while I hit the kitchen for a quick snack, so I admit freely I have seen the ebb and flow, the wax and wane of all kinds of programming branded reality and now find myself wondering what does “reality” really mean?

Sure when someone eats a worm or a bug, jumps from a plane or hikes up her bloomers in Paris all in the name of love we know we are watching something absurd, but that worm slides down slow and slimy and with no stunt double waiting in the wings. But what about the new age of reality? What I have come to call “dramality”. Oh you know full well what I am talking about as we each sit glued to the television as The ladies of Wysteria Lane take to a neighborhood just similar enough to our own to make the gay son, the Bipolar teenager, and the plumber every woman dreams of real enough to keep us hooked “Dramality”, from the operating room of Grey’s Anatomy to those desperate but delightful housewives what makes this new genre so much more appealing?

In my opinion, we simply need a short break from reality and this is just enough to “keep it real” without the “reality hangover”. In fact, the equation seems quite simple or maybe I am simply justifying that fact that I think I have a desperate housewife trapped inside me. When we watch Extreme Home Makeover (and I do, loving every minute of it; although why won’t Sears donate a hairbrush for TY?) When the sun sets on that fabulicious new house we still have a very real a little girl or boy who remains terminally ill, a wife who has lost her beloved husband or a family torn apart by mother nature.

But when Brea takes a bottle of whiskey and a crystal goblet to bed or “McDreamy” breaks another heart in the Emergency Room. I think to myself, “I know what it feels like to want to escape life, to live within an imperfect family trying to keep the mask and the masquerade in tact, I know what it is like to work long hours for a seemingly uncaring boss and have friends desert me in my time of need. Ah, “dramality” that place we can go day after day channel after channel where even though it looks like a duck and quacks like a duck it isn’t the SWAN and dealing with reality is really quite simple. As your Average Joe is not quite average and we can find solace and safety in knowing Teri Hatcher fell in love with Superman but a decade ago so she will find love again Dramality reigns supreme, unless of course I walk into work today only to hear The Donald say, “You’re fired”. I’ll keep you posted.

Catch a few more gems  of quasi wisdom in my book Shut Up and Listen to Yourself

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Ok, I admit it – I am not a Harry Potter fan.  I respect the Potter craze, I have read several of the books and I have seem the movies, but it feels like the whole Twilight “trauma drama”.  Adaptations originally written for young adults that are cashing in on the rest of us with cool special effects and a few “adult” over-tones.

 So G-d is punishing me for admitting this as the Botox hurt like hell today, but as the “potion” filled my veins I had to wonder (in between whining) What is it about this latest Potter that seems to have the cast hexed?   

Source: IMBD


Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince,  has not had the best good karma track record from flu to a quick peek at a “hoo hoo”  the movie will of course break all box office records but not before it takes its toll on cast and crew.   Does this series of events bring me any joy, of course not?  Does it have anything to do with the dead chicken and incense I have been burning? NO COMMENT.

But I must admit that secretly I do wish a dear friend Sir Ian McKellen would find his way into this world of these wizards.   During a quick call across the pond he told me “If I am still functioning and working well I would consider doing it”  Yippee, hoorah and thank you Sir Ian for sharing even a few words with me.  After all I drove you all over Miami as your private tour guide and I adored every minute of it.

But enough of my musings…I have made some new, very faboo friends at DM Public Relations.    They not only know the buzz they make it happen.  Amanda Meglio & Nicole Sciacca were nice enough to share some thoughts with me and they were so good I am giving them all of my sandbox to play in. Take it away ladies

…After putting most of Tinsel Town to rest last week, pigs certainly did fly – across the pond to London, plaguing Harry Potter actor, Rupert Grint, with a touch of the swine flu. But, that still didn’t stop Grint from getting inebriated at the Harry Potter premier in London. We only hope Grint is aware that antibiotics tend to stop working when combined with alcohol. Words of advice: wear a mask.

Were these wizards playing with a Ouija board and forget to flip the thing over and wave good bye? The Potter crew is still working off some raunchy luck. Let’s face it, the Wizard of Oz can’t even send this bunch packing down a yellow brick road.

And get a whiff of this, co-pot head, Jamie Waylet, who plays Vincent Crabbe, was arrested for growing some fancy herb at his mother’s swanky London pad.  Perhaps it wasn’t the munchies he was craving, instead some attention.  We only wonder if ‘mum’ appreciates his ‘love-laced’ efforts.

The hex saga still continues for these ‘Potter Heads’. While strolling the red carpet at the latest Harry Potter movie premier in London, photos zoomed in on what could have been a ‘hairy’ mess for Emma Watson, but luckily she did not pull a Britney, a Paris, a Khloe, or Potter co-star Daniel Radcliffe, who really gave his ‘Regards to Broadway’ when he bared it all a few summers ago. Thank goodness this English lady was wearing her knickers.

For the record, they couldn’t defeat Lord Voldemort on this side of the realm. These Harry Potter enchanters should have stayed on the train in Hogwarts 

Amanda Meglio & Nicole Sciacca
DM Public Relations


I know, I know enough about Michael Jackson.  But no matter what your personal opinion, we have lost a musical genius and for that we must allow for good people to have a say.   I was discussing the topic with a friend – Young Cartoon! Don’t know him?  You should

With a hit single already on the rise and an extensive musical background, there is no denying that this young artist already has the right path paved in front of him and that long road doesn’t seem so long anymore. His mindset is definitely focused and headed in the right direction. I introduce you to the lyrically animated, Cartoon — Zenn 24 Hour Hip Hop Magazine

(Why can’t I have a cool name like that?) and his voice and his words are authentic.  I feel he deserves a place to be heard and so since this is MY playground I can make the rules 🙂

Despite all the coverage of this planet’s loss being on every major media outlet, I am going to be yet another contributor.  This is my way of returning the favor.  MJ was the contributor to my hunger for perfection and success, to my energy for delivering a great show and to the undying goal to move the masses.

 Although many of us did not understand his ways, we all understood one thing; his music.  His music remains magical, universal, regal, and powerful.  His love for music can be noted equivalent to his love for this planet and all of its elements. 

 In all of my life I never heard one person say anything negative about his gift as an artist or question his intentions as a humanitarian.  He meant well and loved all.  With that being said:
Dear Michael Jackson,

 You don’t know me, but I have been a fan and have loved you since the day I heard P.Y.T.  Don’t get me wrong, your music was apart of my visits at my aunts house; but, from that point, I have come to know you as a paramount talent.  You charged me to be the best entertainer I can be.  There are other artists but come on, you’re the King!  

 I am from Miami, Dade County, Florida and I have been rapping collectively for three years now.  I have a following in all of Florida and in small parts of Taiwan, but my overall goal is to have global status like you.  I really have to thank you for this, you must know that before every show I have to watch your performance of “I Want You Back” to calm my nerves and your performance of “The love You Save,” to watch you move the crowd.   When ever I see those performances, I am at an elevated level of motivation.  I cannot wait to rock my audience like you did many times.  There is no one else I study because I know that you are the best and no one comes before or after you!

 I will never stop my tradition!!   I know I have you the way I always had you, more than ever!!! Your timeless music will be present in my creative process.  Your energy, power and love for music will continue to drive my career!


 Young Cartoon!



July 3, 2009

LOL – My New BFF James had a soemthing to say so I figured WTF and I let him play in my sandbox.  Actually, when I read it I ROFL – Thanks James you are welcome here any time.

WTF? That’s what I want to know. WTF is going on when everyone knows what I mean by WTF? The majority of the population probably uses the F-word from time to time, and some people all the time. I say it, but rarely, usually prompted by my computer’s misbehavior. In my opinion, the movies catapulted the word into everyday parlance.

 I love movies, but I often wonder who killed off all the scriptwriters who could create drama and comedy without using profanity—like they still do on network TV shows. A few decades ago, the word either shocked or amused audiences, but now only puritans and a few pre-teens. According to Wikipedia, the F-word was used 398 times in the 1995 movie Casino. Okay, we assume mobsters talk that way. What about the 2008 comedy Zack and Miri Make a Porno? How many viewers hoped to see some sex, but what they got was the word—219 times. In one scene the main character, who worked in a coffee shop, shouted it repeatedly in front of customers who didn’t bat an eye. Hollywood seems to think everybody talks that way all the time, and moviegoers are believing it.

I admit, the word can be versatile, expressing either joy or sorrow, elation or depression, pain or ecstasy. But that’s the problem. It’s lazy language that often fails to communicate. If a friend sent you a one-sentence text messaged saying “I got f**ked yesterday,” you wouldn’t know whether to congratulate him or recommend a lawyer. Sadly, some effective words seem to have been replaced with the F-word. Does anyone ever bungle, botch, mess or muddle up things anymore? The F-word is a multi-purpose word, but most of the time it is not used to refer to that fine physical pleasure that we all enjoy.

Instead, it is negative, used to complain, criticize, or tell someone off. It expresses anger, impatience, hostility, belligerence. It can be rude, crude, and crass. It really doesn’t make us pleasant to be with, help us make friends, make us sound intelligent, win arguments, strengthen our family relationships, get jobs or earn promotions. Unless we are in a movie. 

James V. O’Connor

Author of CUSS CONTROL, the Complete Book on How to Curb Your Cursing



…Ok I am huge Heroes fan and that is not exactly how the tag line goes; but after season one they started on a downward spiral into stupidity so I feel I am allowed to offer up at least one cliché.  This of course is true as my Heroes expert Ariel Kline  – “What you have never heard of her?”  FOR SHAME agrees with me about the season one debacle.

Anywaayyyy.   Allie Gross of People Magazine comes through again as she shared words of wisdom from Hayden Panettiere –

  “If I can’t flaunt it at 20, come on!” Panettiere said while promoting her new film I Love You, Beth Cooper, in theaters July 10. “I mean I might as well show it now.”

 Deep huh?  So what the hell is going on here anyway…The ages old dilemma…Show some skin and fill the seats?   By all accounts, Hayden is a delightful young woman and she is beautiful as well – But what bothers me is she seems to feel compelled to show us more  as if time is running  out hayden_panettiereon her window of naked opportunity.

Celebrity Psychiatrist Carole Lieberman, M.D or “Dr. Carol” as I like to call her gives us her enlightened two cents in a recent interview with…Well ME!

 Hayden Panettiere is falling into the Hollywood ‘starlet trap’ of

being willing to do anything to get herself noticed. At any given

moment, there are too many starlets desperately seeking attention, and not enough screen time. The easiest way to rise above the rest,

if only for 15 minutes, is to take it off, take it all off.

(Hayden Panettiere Photo by: Frederick M. Brown / Getty)

Unfortunately, this does not bring about Oscar recognition or lasting

star power. It only leaves these dime-a-dozen starlets shivering in

the cold.  —Carole Lieberman, M.D.

Celebrity Psychiatrist


 So is she a real Hero or just another naked flash in the pan???