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March 26, 2010

I decided to take the plunge!   It ‘s me, a baseball cap, my favorite t-shirt and a webcam…Be afraid   Thank  G-d for my Uber fab friends who join me to chat.


I don’t care what anyone says SHE defines uber fab!

In the wake of Haiti’s catastrophe, it is good to know that the “Material Girl” is still willing to share her good fortune. According to sources at Partners in Health, “Madonna has donated $250,000 to Partners in Health, which is a health care provider in Haiti. The singer stated, ‘we must act now,’ and is encouraging all her friends and fans to follow in her footsteps and donate whatever they can.

Many celebrities have shown overwhelming support for the survivors and their devastating loss which is further proof that Tinsel Town has some depth of character. While Madonna has long taken many fiery darts for her outspoken, aggressive stance on life, love, family and just about everything else; she has time and again been on the forefront of many important causes.

Photo Source:  Hollywood News

Did she front the 1 million bucks graciously donated by Hollywood’s royal couple, Brad and Angelina? Not quite, but it appears while “girls may come and girls may go…”  This “girl” is here to stay and leverage her fame and name for what is simply the right thing to do.

Taking Care of Business Source: TMZ

Hey my uber fabs check out my latest article here…  The King of Pop  is still taking care of his own

Eat Me! The Second Course

December 9, 2009

How much can one man and his famous friends eat?  The uber famous are bottomless pits!   Check out the “New Arrivals”

BRB I am headin’  to the gym for round three!

…Lick Her?  I hardly even know her… (I love a bad joke) and I am head over spoon for the Silver Moon liqueur infused sorbets and ice creams… Personal favorite???? Yes indeed…Try them all with a special double slurp for Spiced Pear and Pomegranate Martini!  (

When Paul Sorvino “welcomes me to the FAMILY”  Do I dare say no???   Did you know this uber fab actor/guy makes pasta sauce?   Well he does and hold the pasta and just serve me up a bowl of sauce!   Personal FAVE  Marinara or Vodka Sauce made with San Marzano Tomatoes!   I loved it and so did the entire front of mys shirt! (

Scharffen Berger chocolate… The folio box is sexy meets classy and what more can I say other then my BFF Julia Child calls herself one of their biggest fans.  I don’t mess with Julia!  You gotta try this dark and delicious goodie….NOW!!! (

Gourmet pancakes anyone?   Get your own as I AM NOT SHARING!!!! The folks at Sweet Stacks dare you to “satisfy your craving…” and I DOUBLE DOG DARE YOU!  (

Don’t know what to do with all those holiday cards after the holiday?   Not an issue for the goodies from sweet talk boutique cause’ the cards are EDIBLE!!!!  UBERRRRRRRRRRR FABBBBBBBB! (

Holy COW!  The Dark Chocolate Peanut and Pecan Toffee from Holy City Chocolate is the best I have EVER had!!!! (

Antoine Amrani Chocolates wanted me to “Say excellence without saying a word…”  Does “YUMMMMMMMMMM” count?  AMMMMMMMMMMAZZZZZING!   (

From 3025 Magazine Street to (  From breakfast to a midnight snack, Sucré is available to satisfy your sweet tooth. DO IT!   DO IT NOW!!!!

Today there was a change in the weather…The heat didn’t quite  break, but something shifted… A reminder that while we can’t ignore that we are experiencing a time in history when it can appear that a great deal of humanity has been lost… We have in fact NOT lost our humanity and that very busy, talented and yes FAMOUS people do something remarkably selfless simply because they are caring, compassionate and good.

For anyone who has seen a play, acted in a play or been crazy enough to DIRECT  a play… You know what it takes to connect the dots and not create a power outage as you integrate sound, lights and egos!

I decided to take on a new work – Back To Eden, (Yuri Baranovsky) which looks at the random nature of the Universe against the  backdrop of a very dark and funny version of the story of Creation.  A little Adam, a little Eve and a dash of G-d (Who I decided to cast as a woman) and what do you get?   One hell of run!

I really do want to blog in detail about it when the process is completely over, but as we put the finishing touches on the production I have to thank Max Ryan.

Max is presently filming Sex And The City II where he plays the new uber fab/uber sexy boyfriend of sexual extrovert “Samantha” Kim Cattrell.

Putting my own spin on things I wanted to add a little star power to the piece and also create a looping voice over throughout the show from the King James version of the bible to continue to pit what “we” were taught and what audiences  will experience as they watch Eden.

Max Ryan – Sex and the City 2, Dark Moon Rising, Double Fault , The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen , The Hunchback took time out from a frantic schedule to tape several sound bytes.   Why?   Simple… He is one hell of a great guy


Today, I must admit I feel a bit hesitant to drink any liquid whatsoever…Yes water is the nectar of the gods, but considering I am a walking pin cushion after my most recent Botox treatment, I wonder (never short of OUT LOUD) if I may end looking like a Grecian Fountain… Line free, crack free and ooh so deliciously wrinkle free… Now let me set the record straight:

  1. I can raise my eyebrows
  2. I can raise my eyebrows
  3. I can raise my eyebrows

Annnnnywayyyy enough about me and more about my new SDSSQAGBFF  or  (Smart, Driven, Socialite, Slightly Quirky, Always Gorgeous Best Friend for Ever, Dianne York-Goldman – President/CEO – La Jolla Spa MD  (Now that’s the kind of blatant plug I lovvvvvvvve).


So what’s the buzz on a CEO…Oh Ye of little face Dianne is so much more!  If “ugly is the new pretty”, no one has told her, nor have they told the cast of her reality show blockbuster Addicted to Beauty brought to you by none other than Oxygen!  OHHHH how deliciously cliché!

FACTOID ALERT: Recognized internationally as a media expert, speaker, author, model and businesswoman. Dianne is the creator of the popular DYG Mineral Makeup line.   She was a recipient of the San Diego Business Journal’s “Women Who Mean Business” award and co-authored the popular You Glow Girl! Series. In addition, she founded You Glow Girl, a teenage skin care company, and authored Fun in the Sun Safely.

Blah, Blah, Blah ADORRRRRRRRE her and her sense of self and selfless sense, Dianne IS the urban legend in the uber fab flesh… She has FILLER in the soles of her feet!  Watch out Dr Scholl’s Dianne is taking no prisoners and walking on air!

I admit it, I did not know what to expect… Would I be talking to a shrewd businesswoman?  A Socialite who was “lite” on brain cells? Or just an unbelievably gorgeous woman who had stumbled into something and was holding on to her 15 minutes of fame?

So let me be VERY clear!  Sharp as a tack, delightful, honest and sincere as the day is long – I was talking to Wonder Woman! But beg as I might, I did not get a ride in her invisible plane or get to play in her high heeled boots- YET!

At a time when the rule of thumb seems to be “no good news is no news at all”, Dianne is living proof that all of us can do anything and have a lot more we still need to do.

Am I the only one who has noticed how dynamic she is?  Nope…Take a look:

Now about that Reality Show:

Oxygen pulls back the curtain on the tantalizing world of medi-spas with the reality workplace dramedy series; “Addicted to Beauty.”

“Addicted to Beauty” follows the outrageous staff at Changes Plastic Surgery and Spa, located in Southern California. Dianne York-Goldman, socialite and marketing expert, has brought her over-the-top employees from her previous spa to help with this new venture with well-known plastic surgeon Dr. Gilbert Lee. The staff includes: Gary, the flamboyant and outspoken receptionist; Ronnie, the eccentric concierge; Natasha, Dianne’s levelheaded assistant and Shannyn, the whip cracking spa manager. However, this group may be no match for Melanie (aka, “Mel”), Dr. Lee’s no nonsense office manager who is not afraid of giving out tough love…


As our discussion came to an end I must admit I wanted to keep talking.  Not only was I getting inside information on what to do and what NOT to do regarding my pin cushion (I mean face), but I felt I was talking to a woman of substance, a kindred -quirky spirit and someone who I would definitely like to speak with  further…

Dianne, keep on writing, keep on creating, keep on keeping us beautiful and most of all –  Keep us laughing!

I adore you!


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Can’t say how, can’t say when, just sayin’ thank you!  Exclusive photo you saw it here first.   Karma is uber fab I am blessed and always sharin my blessin’ with you

It was all Sex & Blood last night at the HBO Post Emmy party – with British action star Max Ryan (Universal’s “Death Race”)- the latest addition to the Sex And The City sequel (“crossing” Samantha’s path they call it!) and True Blood’s heart throb Stephen Moyers.

Stephen Moyer True Blood and Max Ryan Sex and The City - HBO Emmy Party 2009_1

Today I took a kickboxing class.   I have enjoyed many flavors of exercise in my day but have always kept my distance from kickboxing and now I know why…Kickboxing = “kick and kick and kick until they carry me away in a pine box.”   The Nazi, I mean instructor who left my hip-flexors somewhere in the far corner of the room was ruthless and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

After crawling back home and inserting two hip replacements from the kit I had ordered from Ebay I felt good as new and enjoyed a little chit-chat with my new BBLHHATMUFMBFF or (Bulgarian Bruce Lee Hybrid Hottie Actor Taekwondo Master Uber Fab Model Best Friend Forever.) Anton Kasabov!


With nearly 20 years as a Taekwondo expert Anton admitted it was hardly a traditional dream for a Bulgarian “lad” but after seeing a Bruce Lee movie at age 8 he was hooked.  Clearly, this was not a guy who cared very much for the status quo.   “I just don’t play by the rules, never have never will and sometimes family and friends don’t quiet get it…But in time they understand and see it is important to me!”


With next to no body fat (hating him!) and a desire to try and gain   weight (hating him more) his endearing personality made me feel as if I was the only thing that mattered during this busy man’s life.   Kasabov is no stranger to Tinsel Town or the big screen – sharing some celluloid with Jackie Chan in Rush Hour 3 and also showing what he was made of in Tekken based on the randomly Fab video game.

Does he want to be a Movie Star?   Hmmm surely not in the traditional sense and he is the first one to explain he is “not out to reinvent the wheel”.  With so many talents and unnerving good-looks he is now seriously studying acting and proud of his new indie short The Way of the Tiger

I have the pleasure to speak to some remarkable people and each moves me in his/her own way…Anton was no exception as I felt I was in the “presence” of someone real, someone exciting and someone cutting-edge and on the edge of something extraordinary.

Anton, you reminded me everything is possible and rules are for other people!  Bravo and thank you…

Take a look at this guy and visit him at he is rare, wonderful and yes a heapin’, heapin’ of eye candy!

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Max Ryan Is Buzzin’

September 7, 2009

The buzz on Max Ryan is about to break this week…   This guy has flown slightly below the radar far too long


* In Production
* 2000s

1. Relentless (2009/I) (in production) …. Isaac Deal
2. Double Fault (2011) (pre-production) …. Nick Halladay
3. The Rogue (2010) (pre-production) …. Bertrand
4. Wild Michigan (2009) (pre-production) …. Actor
5. Blackline: The Beirut Contract (2009) (post-production) …. Miller
6. Four Years Running (2009) (post-production) …. James Radcliffe
7. Dark Moon Rising (2009) (completed) …. Darkman/Bender

8. Death Race (2008) …. Pachenko
9. Skorumpowani (2008) …. Siergiej
10. The Box (2007/II) …. Ray Kamen
11. Thr3e (2006) …. Milton
12. The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen (2003) …. Dante

I am sworn to keep it on the DL for a few more days… Stay tuned….  Same bat channel

By now I hope you have figured out this is a drama free parking space filled with the lovely buzzzzz that we all love to listen to… Along with a dash of me and and a big ol’ sign post up ahead that reads “SMACK FREE ZONE”.   What I love the most, (besides the fact that I can be a complete ego maniac here) is that my BFF’s actually DO circle back and let me know what is “uber” cool and superlicious with them.

Case and point  “Mrs. P – A.K.A Kathy Kinney – A.K.A Mimi from the Drew Carey Show is doing something fab this month.   If it has to do with kids, reading and makin’ things happen for our future fabulicious “squirts” I will shout it from the cyber roof top…

Take a look and thanks Kathy/Mimi 🙂


From the source…..

“Kathy Kinney of wants to BEE Heard that on September 1st, kids can enter her “Be a Famous Writer Contest”. The contest starts September 1 and runs through October 15, 2009. There are two age group categories, ages 4 -8 and ages 9-13, and children may write on any topic, fiction or non-fiction between 250 – 1000 words. The Grand Prize (2) winners will have original illustrations created bringing the story to life as Mrs. P  [actress Kathy Kinney] reads for all to watch and enjoy in her Magic Library. How cool is that!  And check out my celebrity judges – Dave Barry, Pulitzer Prize-winning humorist and author of dozens of bestselling books of both fiction and non-fiction; Andre Bormanis, writer and producer of the popular fantasy series, Legend of the Seeker and author of Star Trek: Science Logs; Craig Ferguson, host of the CBS Late Late Show, noted screenwriter and author of the acclaimed novel, Between the Bridge and the River; and Diana Leszczynski, author of the novel, Fern Verdant and the Silver Rose, a comic adventure recently selected as a Smithsonian Notable Children’s Book and currently being developed as a motion picture., for contest rules and submissions guidelines. Mrs. P says to tell all of your friends with kids. They will love it!”