Those housewives are back and NYC will never be the same!  I had a great chat with one of the newest gals

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Today, I must admit I feel a bit hesitant to drink any liquid whatsoever…Yes water is the nectar of the gods, but considering I am a walking pin cushion after my most recent Botox treatment, I wonder (never short of OUT LOUD) if I may end looking like a Grecian Fountain… Line free, crack free and ooh so deliciously wrinkle free… Now let me set the record straight:

  1. I can raise my eyebrows
  2. I can raise my eyebrows
  3. I can raise my eyebrows

Annnnnywayyyy enough about me and more about my new SDSSQAGBFF  or  (Smart, Driven, Socialite, Slightly Quirky, Always Gorgeous Best Friend for Ever, Dianne York-Goldman – President/CEO – La Jolla Spa MD  (Now that’s the kind of blatant plug I lovvvvvvvve).


So what’s the buzz on a CEO…Oh Ye of little face Dianne is so much more!  If “ugly is the new pretty”, no one has told her, nor have they told the cast of her reality show blockbuster Addicted to Beauty brought to you by none other than Oxygen!  OHHHH how deliciously cliché!

FACTOID ALERT: Recognized internationally as a media expert, speaker, author, model and businesswoman. Dianne is the creator of the popular DYG Mineral Makeup line.   She was a recipient of the San Diego Business Journal’s “Women Who Mean Business” award and co-authored the popular You Glow Girl! Series. In addition, she founded You Glow Girl, a teenage skin care company, and authored Fun in the Sun Safely.

Blah, Blah, Blah ADORRRRRRRRE her and her sense of self and selfless sense, Dianne IS the urban legend in the uber fab flesh… She has FILLER in the soles of her feet!  Watch out Dr Scholl’s Dianne is taking no prisoners and walking on air!

I admit it, I did not know what to expect… Would I be talking to a shrewd businesswoman?  A Socialite who was “lite” on brain cells? Or just an unbelievably gorgeous woman who had stumbled into something and was holding on to her 15 minutes of fame?

So let me be VERY clear!  Sharp as a tack, delightful, honest and sincere as the day is long – I was talking to Wonder Woman! But beg as I might, I did not get a ride in her invisible plane or get to play in her high heeled boots- YET!

At a time when the rule of thumb seems to be “no good news is no news at all”, Dianne is living proof that all of us can do anything and have a lot more we still need to do.

Am I the only one who has noticed how dynamic she is?  Nope…Take a look:

Now about that Reality Show:

Oxygen pulls back the curtain on the tantalizing world of medi-spas with the reality workplace dramedy series; “Addicted to Beauty.”

“Addicted to Beauty” follows the outrageous staff at Changes Plastic Surgery and Spa, located in Southern California. Dianne York-Goldman, socialite and marketing expert, has brought her over-the-top employees from her previous spa to help with this new venture with well-known plastic surgeon Dr. Gilbert Lee. The staff includes: Gary, the flamboyant and outspoken receptionist; Ronnie, the eccentric concierge; Natasha, Dianne’s levelheaded assistant and Shannyn, the whip cracking spa manager. However, this group may be no match for Melanie (aka, “Mel”), Dr. Lee’s no nonsense office manager who is not afraid of giving out tough love…


As our discussion came to an end I must admit I wanted to keep talking.  Not only was I getting inside information on what to do and what NOT to do regarding my pin cushion (I mean face), but I felt I was talking to a woman of substance, a kindred -quirky spirit and someone who I would definitely like to speak with  further…

Dianne, keep on writing, keep on creating, keep on keeping us beautiful and most of all –  Keep us laughing!

I adore you!


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By now I hope you have figured out this is a drama free parking space filled with the lovely buzzzzz that we all love to listen to… Along with a dash of me and and a big ol’ sign post up ahead that reads “SMACK FREE ZONE”.   What I love the most, (besides the fact that I can be a complete ego maniac here) is that my BFF’s actually DO circle back and let me know what is “uber” cool and superlicious with them.

Case and point  “Mrs. P – A.K.A Kathy Kinney – A.K.A Mimi from the Drew Carey Show is doing something fab this month.   If it has to do with kids, reading and makin’ things happen for our future fabulicious “squirts” I will shout it from the cyber roof top…

Take a look and thanks Kathy/Mimi 🙂


From the source…..

“Kathy Kinney of wants to BEE Heard that on September 1st, kids can enter her “Be a Famous Writer Contest”. The contest starts September 1 and runs through October 15, 2009. There are two age group categories, ages 4 -8 and ages 9-13, and children may write on any topic, fiction or non-fiction between 250 – 1000 words. The Grand Prize (2) winners will have original illustrations created bringing the story to life as Mrs. P  [actress Kathy Kinney] reads for all to watch and enjoy in her Magic Library. How cool is that!  And check out my celebrity judges – Dave Barry, Pulitzer Prize-winning humorist and author of dozens of bestselling books of both fiction and non-fiction; Andre Bormanis, writer and producer of the popular fantasy series, Legend of the Seeker and author of Star Trek: Science Logs; Craig Ferguson, host of the CBS Late Late Show, noted screenwriter and author of the acclaimed novel, Between the Bridge and the River; and Diana Leszczynski, author of the novel, Fern Verdant and the Silver Rose, a comic adventure recently selected as a Smithsonian Notable Children’s Book and currently being developed as a motion picture., for contest rules and submissions guidelines. Mrs. P says to tell all of your friends with kids. They will love it!”

Lately, I have been watching my “carb” intake instead of just “in-taking” carbs.  Ya’ now while I sometimes feel they are the Anti Christ, them carbohydrates – A lack there of sure does wreak havoc with a guys mood!  Me moody?  I know the notion sounds impossible to comprehend.   So when I got the opportunity to connect with my “uber” cool new TDCLHBFF or (Tree Dwelling Car Loving Hottie Best Friend For Ever) Scott Elrod I was concerned I would come off as a raging, nasty Blogger and heaven help us we have far too many of those already! Anywayyyyy


The phone rang and the voice on the other end was a down to earth, wickedly funny guy who just happens to have been in one of my all time favorite shows Men In Trees ­starring Anne Heche.   As her “on again/off again” boyfriend “Cash” we certainly saw a lot of Scott, as he was strategically nearly naked in most of his scenes.   When I asked him why he appeared in a jockstrap so often he reminded me… “It was not quite a jockstrap as it was sorta’ missing the strap!”   Ah such a pity huh ladies?

So what makes Scott tick and what has he been up to?  An army brat, he was born in Germany…  His father, an F-16 pilot inspired in Scott a need for speed and a love for fast machines both flying and terrestrial… Not to mention while other dads were lovingly showing up for Career Day at school – Ya’ gotta’ admit Scott was scoring points with “Hi this is my father the fighter pilot!”

So a recap thus far-   Friendly, funny, cool dad and sexy as hell.   I could really learn to hate this guy except he is so damn nice!

With some really edgy, independent films on the horizon like Death and Cremation, Knife Point, and Hard Breakers- Scott is showing his acting chops and receiving rave reviews.   Not to mention The Baster with some “unknown” Jennifer Aniston…Has anybody heard of her?????

As is fast becoming an “On Demand” from readers here – Scott  was also willing to give up his quest for world peace long enough to offer me his “Wish List”

  1. A helicopter – specifically an Astar
  2. P-51 Mustang (to give to dad)
  3. A certain unnamed project to be funded

Sounds like a plan to me…

Of course how could I end an interview without a question that takes my irreverent style and gives it some creditability?   The choice was simple.  “Boxers or briefs?”   And to that a resounding “Oh definitely boxer briefs” – My kinda’ guy!   Well not in the biblical sense of course.

Thanks Scott and feel free to gimme’ a ride in that helicopter sometime soon.

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Today in my Hip Hop class – Yes I did say Hip Hop as carbs are evil and I endeavor to be lean but not mean.   I was “bustin’ the proverbial move” and feeling rather coordinated as I remained upright when choreographed… Until the dancer next to me said – “Wow you move really well for a white guy…”  Ok I am a realist and as a man who moisturizes I have been called far worse than “rhythmic” – But it struck me, in these days of transition, it is easy to forget that some stereotypes persist.

Now to add insult to injury (after looking at HIM cross-eyed) – He added… “And for  guy your age you are really moving…”  Ok that just about pushed me over the edge – but alas this was a special day as I was not the ONLY “white guy” who would stepping outside the box and taking on the status quo.

Serious moment…This is what we call an introduction and it is meant to somehow tie my interview with the straight up, straight talkin’ MC  (I will wow you with my knowledge in just a few…) Sullee with my random life.  So please this is not a political statement on present racial woes…THIS is a celebrity blog – so breathe….And away we go!

Photo Credits: Source Unknown


MTV I love you and you have been good to me, but I do have talk the talk about VH1 for a bit.  What happens when you mix reality television, a really cool premise and music?  Ya get The White Rapper Show hosted by MC Serch of 3rd Bass fame.   Now stick these white rappers in a “crib” (listen to me sounding so urban) in the South Bronx and let the bullets, I mean sparks fly.

Actually, according to Sullee the show was “really fair” with only a few editing “extravaganzas” that did not fully “represent”.

Hailing from inner city Boston, it was immediately clear that this guy was a gentleman, an artist and more than willing to educate me on the finer points of the Rap vs. Hip Hop debate. In fact, did ya know that beyond the box is the MC??? Hmmm see you can even learn something here!

So as an MC or Master of Ceremony Sullee truly collaborates with the DJ who is spinning and steps into the spotlight to keep the party moving.   Not to take away from his reality television experience or his unwavering integrity as he walked away from the $100,000 brass ring to do as his father told him when he left for the show – “Make sure he could come home…” with his reputation firmly intact and the respect of this Blogger and fans everywhere – Sullee has certainly come full circle… “growing up I really respected people like Busta Rhymes…” Fast forward to the present and BAM! his hit single is with whom you ask? None other than his childhood idol “Busta”… Doesn’t get much better than that!

With his debut album An American Tale (named after his favorite movie) poised to take over the music scene – Yes orphaned mouse takes on the new world (aw shucks) this guy has a softer side (major chic magnet) Sullee is a musical powerhouse that flexes his muscle through his lyrics steering clear of the pitfalls that have taken down so many in his genre.

As humble as he is talented,  he is quick to recognize those who have inspired him and grateful to a remarkable list of industry A Listers who have already given him the major green light. Claudette Ortiz of City High, Joe Budden, Teddy Riley, Slash of Guns and Roses, Busta Rhymes, Rick Ross, Mims., Billy Squier, Cool and Dre, Jackpot, Blackout, Ken Lewis and Producers Coalition of America are all on the “Sullee Express”  a train that has left the station and is on a cross country adventure moving full throttle towards not only taking the industry by storm, but redefining the definition of MC as we know it.

Note to self:  Sullee wants to one day be a Farmer in Kentucky…I will let HIM explain

Note to dancer in class:  BRING IT ON YOUNG GUN!

Ooh – She may be “Forever My Girl”  but Paula Abdul  is livin’ in the grey space between “love ya or hate you” .  While this will never be a place for “Celebrity Smack” as my dear friend “Spicy Pants” does that and does it well, I would be remiss if I did not give voice to differing opinions.


Soooooo when my HHANBFF or (Hip Happening And Now Best Friend Forever Ever) Sulle of VH1’s The White Rapper Show gave me the ol’ “shout out” I felt an overwhelming need to first congratulate him on his debut album release  as well as his current hit  “Sippin” featuring Busta Rhymes.  Yes that was Sulle, VHI and Busta all in my sandbox…Life is good.

Sulle kept it real and real direct when he shared with me that,

“I think American Idol could be hosted by a parrot and it wouldn’t hurt viewership, but I don’t blame Paula for holding out – the networks clean up on reality shows!  She should guest star or co-host Terrell Owen’s new show on VH1 in the meantime and hold for more bucks.”


Recording artist Sullee is best known for his part in VH1’s infamous “Ego Trips: The White Rapper Show,” when he walked away from the cash and the show in defense of his music.  A man with morals and spine BRAVO!

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A Day Without Buzz

July 22, 2009

Today while I was waiting to hear back from Ryan Seacrest (no one on Facebook seems to believe me) I realized the life of a Blogger is a lonely one. – (insert deep sigh).  Add to that my passion for Pop Culture and sometimes it seems like the well runneth dry.   


 Now I realize we are never at a loss for celebrity fodder, but fodder without a foundation is…Well – Fodder without a foundation.   I had been taking it rather personally  as I have come a great distance.  I was the fat kid in school, I had food thrown at me (you know who you are) and I fought with a damn cowlick that made me look like the half-breed of Prince Charles and Dame Edna…But nothing compares to the pain of casting my net out over the often torrid seas of Tinsel Town only to pull up anchor and find I have snagged nothing but a ruined manicure and chapped lips.

That was my day today and then BAM! First an email from Katrina Campins of Miami Social…Sexy, smart BFF… SHABAM! An email from Olympic Gold Medalist Greg Louganis, SHWAP! (no, not SHWING!) A ping from Season Six American Idol Finalist – Leslie Hunt and VAVOOOOOOOOOM!  contact with Adrian Paul, Highlander (star sci-fi feature Eyeborgs opens fall 2009, star of The Heavy openly June 3rd, London; star of 9 Miles Down opening Summer 2009),  Kevin Sorbo, Hercules, Andromeda, Max Ryan, Death Race, League of Extraordinary Gentlemen and star of Dark Moon Rising” opening fall  2009, Daniel Alter, producer of Hitman, the upcoming Hack/Slash, Johnny Quest, Scott Elrod, Men In Trees and Lifetime’s upcoming Uncorked  Steven Man, Savage Island, star of upcoming One In The Gun and Melissa Farman, ABC’s Lost, co-star of HBO’s “Temple Grandin”… Ah was that just LOST you read??? Hmmm

 Moving on… Paul Ashton, Australia’s hit TV series, The Secret Life of Us, star of upcoming Serial Buddies  with Maria Menounos, Luke Eberl, Planet Of The Apes (co-star sci-fi feature Eyeborgs  opens fall 2009) Megan Blake, Taledega Nights & Animal Attractions TV (star sci-fi feature Eyeborgs opens fall 2009).

KA-THUMP! can you hear those names dropping?   Honestly, I have the best job in the world talking to some of the most interesting and intriguing people.  So as I say “Adios” for today remember one thing… Even the fat kid with the cowlick can go from Zero to Hero! Well at least his mom thinks so.

FRONTPOOLSHOTVERYGOODBack from my Staycation and had time to reflect and look at the state of things.  Not nearly as deep as it sounds but with some hot buzz in the pipeline think of this as a more global look at what we watch – Later we will be hearing from those we watch doing it – well not doing it per se…Not in the biblical sense…Ahhhhh Monday, Monday go away

…It is simple fact that you would have needed to live on a deserted island in say the South China Sea, to have avoided being swept away by the initial Survivor mania. As a self-proclaimed channel surfer, “hang ten for me means hit the TIVO while I hit the kitchen for a quick snack, so I admit freely I have seen the ebb and flow, the wax and wane of all kinds of programming branded reality and now find myself wondering what does “reality” really mean?

Sure when someone eats a worm or a bug, jumps from a plane or hikes up her bloomers in Paris all in the name of love we know we are watching something absurd, but that worm slides down slow and slimy and with no stunt double waiting in the wings. But what about the new age of reality? What I have come to call “dramality”. Oh you know full well what I am talking about as we each sit glued to the television as The ladies of Wysteria Lane take to a neighborhood just similar enough to our own to make the gay son, the Bipolar teenager, and the plumber every woman dreams of real enough to keep us hooked “Dramality”, from the operating room of Grey’s Anatomy to those desperate but delightful housewives what makes this new genre so much more appealing?

In my opinion, we simply need a short break from reality and this is just enough to “keep it real” without the “reality hangover”. In fact, the equation seems quite simple or maybe I am simply justifying that fact that I think I have a desperate housewife trapped inside me. When we watch Extreme Home Makeover (and I do, loving every minute of it; although why won’t Sears donate a hairbrush for TY?) When the sun sets on that fabulicious new house we still have a very real a little girl or boy who remains terminally ill, a wife who has lost her beloved husband or a family torn apart by mother nature.

But when Brea takes a bottle of whiskey and a crystal goblet to bed or “McDreamy” breaks another heart in the Emergency Room. I think to myself, “I know what it feels like to want to escape life, to live within an imperfect family trying to keep the mask and the masquerade in tact, I know what it is like to work long hours for a seemingly uncaring boss and have friends desert me in my time of need. Ah, “dramality” that place we can go day after day channel after channel where even though it looks like a duck and quacks like a duck it isn’t the SWAN and dealing with reality is really quite simple. As your Average Joe is not quite average and we can find solace and safety in knowing Teri Hatcher fell in love with Superman but a decade ago so she will find love again Dramality reigns supreme, unless of course I walk into work today only to hear The Donald say, “You’re fired”. I’ll keep you posted.

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June 25, 2009

7 Things to Learn From Reality Show Couples

Some of your favorite reality TV-show couples weigh in on what is and what is not “reality.

In 1979, comedian Robin Williams launched his now famous and “infamous” stand-up album, Reality What a Concept and took his comedic genius to new heights as he explored the dark corners, pieces, parts and secrets that we have come to know as reality. Today, “reality television” is hardly as startling a concept as it was a decade (or two) ago, but beyond the “dramality” of it all, what can we learn from this genre and more specifically, what can we learn from the couples who have agreed, “for better or for worse,” to bare it all for the camera?

 1. Get back to basics and reconnect with who you are. Uchenna and Joyce Agu of The Amazing Race explain that, “there is a point where you forget about the cameras; the environment or the competition becomes all there is. All things that you have come to recognize as you in your ‘controlled world’ begin to fade and you are left with the basic ‘you,’ the real you. This is where the unbelievable moments occur. Both viewer and contestant are moved off center to the point of intense emotion. For any couple, these moments of clarity offer a rare opportunity. We call it the ‘Reality Mirror of Truth.’ Most reality shows present you opportunity to see the best and the worst in each other and maybe more importantly oneself. It’s up to the person or couple to take the opportunity and grow from it. The viewer also has a choice: find a way to relate to it and grow; or judge, disconnect and write off the lesson as just pure entertainment, learning nothing and missing an opportunity.”

2. The truth is lawful, not awful. Dr. Kevin Fleming, president and CEO of a unique behavioral transformation and coaching firm ( says when working on a relationship, it is very common to fight reality, which of course leads to fighting with each other. “In my work with couples, I combine neuroscience and life coaching to get folks to see that most conflicts are wishes unmet.”

3. There is no script for relationships. “Even though you can’t script a relationship, there are basic checkpoints that help you in navigating to that mutual happy place,” say Uchenna and Joyce Agu. “What our parents always told us yet struggled at times to maintain themselves was to have respect and true compassion in your relationship. If those two things break down, the going can get very tough.”

4. Sometimes the proof is in the proof! Silvana Clark ( and her husband who appeared on the FOX reality show Trading Spouses explains, “We knew we had a terrific, fun and amazing 30-year marriage. After being on the show we really knew we had a terrific marriage.” Sometimes you just have to admit everything might not be perfect, but it is pretty darn good. A drama-free zone is not a bad thing so don’t create chaos if things are going well.

5. Play the tape through. In my work as Life Coach and having worked with many individuals to explore the “what next” in their post reality show relationships, time and again the common theme is clear. Those who played it out in front of the camera were never given the opportunity to play the tape through The universal lesson, consider all the possible scenarios before you open your mouth and inadvertently stick your foot in it.

6. Say what you mean, but no need to be mean with what you say. Your mother was right! If you don’t have anything nice to say… be quiet. Not something that often happens on reality television and we certainly see the outcome. So don’t be afraid to speak your truth, but turn the volume down a notch and pay attention when your spouse is speaking—no “channel surfing” allowed!

7. Lights, camera, action. “Don’t just stand there, do something!” We have all screamed it or something like it at reality show couples, but in truth we can learn a great deal from them. Whether they are chasing fortune (and each other) all over the globe, working off the pounds together, or simply swapping spouses (not what you might think), all these couples agree on one thing: change doesn’t happen by accident and a relationship is an active state of being.