I don’t care what anyone says SHE defines uber fab!

In the wake of Haiti’s catastrophe, it is good to know that the “Material Girl” is still willing to share her good fortune. According to sources at Partners in Health, “Madonna has donated $250,000 to Partners in Health, which is a health care provider in Haiti. The singer stated, ‘we must act now,’ and is encouraging all her friends and fans to follow in her footsteps and donate whatever they can.

Many celebrities have shown overwhelming support for the survivors and their devastating loss which is further proof that Tinsel Town has some depth of character. While Madonna has long taken many fiery darts for her outspoken, aggressive stance on life, love, family and just about everything else; she has time and again been on the forefront of many important causes.

Photo Source:  Hollywood News

Did she front the 1 million bucks graciously donated by Hollywood’s royal couple, Brad and Angelina? Not quite, but it appears while “girls may come and girls may go…”  This “girl” is here to stay and leverage her fame and name for what is simply the right thing to do.


The buzz is a buzzin’ and it has Sex And The City written all over it.   Been keepin’ a big ol’ secret for days and bustin at the seams but my UCAUSBFF (Uber Cool And Uber Sexy Best Friend Forever) Max Ryan will be hittin’ the streets of NYC HARD…. (shawwwwwwwwwwing) As part of the atomic Sex And The City sequel.

Who’s the lucky gal?  None other than Samantha (Kim Cattrall) how many ways can we say Max yummy salt and pepper Ryan?

Stay tuned cause Max will be talkin’ to me sooner than soon

Are you a Lost fan…? Got some new buzz a brewin’ so find your way back and bring a friend next week!

Max Ryan Is Buzzin’

September 7, 2009

The buzz on Max Ryan is about to break this week…   This guy has flown slightly below the radar far too long


* In Production
* 2000s

1. Relentless (2009/I) (in production) …. Isaac Deal
2. Double Fault (2011) (pre-production) …. Nick Halladay
3. The Rogue (2010) (pre-production) …. Bertrand
4. Wild Michigan (2009) (pre-production) …. Actor
5. Blackline: The Beirut Contract (2009) (post-production) …. Miller
6. Four Years Running (2009) (post-production) …. James Radcliffe
7. Dark Moon Rising (2009) (completed) …. Darkman/Bender

8. Death Race (2008) …. Pachenko
9. Skorumpowani (2008) …. Siergiej
10. The Box (2007/II) …. Ray Kamen
11. Thr3e (2006) …. Milton
12. The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen (2003) …. Dante

I am sworn to keep it on the DL for a few more days… Stay tuned….  Same bat channel

By now I hope you have figured out this is a drama free parking space filled with the lovely buzzzzz that we all love to listen to… Along with a dash of me and and a big ol’ sign post up ahead that reads “SMACK FREE ZONE”.   What I love the most, (besides the fact that I can be a complete ego maniac here) is that my BFF’s actually DO circle back and let me know what is “uber” cool and superlicious with them.

Case and point  “Mrs. P – A.K.A Kathy Kinney – A.K.A Mimi from the Drew Carey Show is doing something fab this month.   If it has to do with kids, reading and makin’ things happen for our future fabulicious “squirts” I will shout it from the cyber roof top…

Take a look and thanks Kathy/Mimi 🙂


From the source…..

“Kathy Kinney of MrsP.com wants to BEE Heard that on September 1st, kids can enter her “Be a Famous Writer Contest”. The contest starts September 1 and runs through October 15, 2009. There are two age group categories, ages 4 -8 and ages 9-13, and children may write on any topic, fiction or non-fiction between 250 – 1000 words. The Grand Prize (2) winners will have original illustrations created bringing the story to life as Mrs. P  [actress Kathy Kinney] reads for all to watch and enjoy in her Magic Library. How cool is that!  And check out my celebrity judges – Dave Barry, Pulitzer Prize-winning humorist and author of dozens of bestselling books of both fiction and non-fiction; Andre Bormanis, writer and producer of the popular fantasy series, Legend of the Seeker and author of Star Trek: Science Logs; Craig Ferguson, host of the CBS Late Late Show, noted screenwriter and author of the acclaimed novel, Between the Bridge and the River; and Diana Leszczynski, author of the novel, Fern Verdant and the Silver Rose, a comic adventure recently selected as a Smithsonian Notable Children’s Book and currently being developed as a motion picture., Visitwww.MrsP.com for contest rules and submissions guidelines. Mrs. P says to tell all of your friends with kids. They will love it!”

A little added treat from Scott!

Lonely Girl is the new single from OceanLab (Above & Beyond and Justine Suissa). The single coincides with the release of OceanLab ‘Sirens Of The Sea REMIXED’, which reached #1 in iTunes dance album chart in the US. The video for Lonely Girl was shot in LA and features model Jacqueline Lord.

Lonely Girl Video

This is damn HOTTTTTT!

Lately, I have been watching my “carb” intake instead of just “in-taking” carbs.  Ya’ now while I sometimes feel they are the Anti Christ, them carbohydrates – A lack there of sure does wreak havoc with a guys mood!  Me moody?  I know the notion sounds impossible to comprehend.   So when I got the opportunity to connect with my “uber” cool new TDCLHBFF or (Tree Dwelling Car Loving Hottie Best Friend For Ever) Scott Elrod I was concerned I would come off as a raging, nasty Blogger and heaven help us we have far too many of those already! Anywayyyyy


The phone rang and the voice on the other end was a down to earth, wickedly funny guy who just happens to have been in one of my all time favorite shows Men In Trees ­starring Anne Heche.   As her “on again/off again” boyfriend “Cash” we certainly saw a lot of Scott, as he was strategically nearly naked in most of his scenes.   When I asked him why he appeared in a jockstrap so often he reminded me… “It was not quite a jockstrap as it was sorta’ missing the strap!”   Ah such a pity huh ladies?

So what makes Scott tick and what has he been up to?  An army brat, he was born in Germany…  His father, an F-16 pilot inspired in Scott a need for speed and a love for fast machines both flying and terrestrial… Not to mention while other dads were lovingly showing up for Career Day at school – Ya’ gotta’ admit Scott was scoring points with “Hi this is my father the fighter pilot!”

So a recap thus far-   Friendly, funny, cool dad and sexy as hell.   I could really learn to hate this guy except he is so damn nice!

With some really edgy, independent films on the horizon like Death and Cremation, Knife Point, and Hard Breakers- Scott is showing his acting chops and receiving rave reviews.   Not to mention The Baster with some “unknown” Jennifer Aniston…Has anybody heard of her?????

As is fast becoming an “On Demand” from readers here – Scott  was also willing to give up his quest for world peace long enough to offer me his “Wish List”

  1. A helicopter – specifically an Astar
  2. P-51 Mustang (to give to dad)
  3. A certain unnamed project to be funded

Sounds like a plan to me…

Of course how could I end an interview without a question that takes my irreverent style and gives it some creditability?   The choice was simple.  “Boxers or briefs?”   And to that a resounding “Oh definitely boxer briefs” – My kinda’ guy!   Well not in the biblical sense of course.

Thanks Scott and feel free to gimme’ a ride in that helicopter sometime soon.

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Twilight Madness

August 5, 2009

Twlight fans I adore you…Make this the biggest day yet for the blog an show the world Twilight rules send the blog link to everyone who loves the Twilight experience



Today it’s raining, it was raining yesterday too.  Somehow the glow, afterglow, day glow and Go-Go (ooh totally different topic) has worn off as the world outside looks as bloated as I feel (yes men get bloated!)

That being said…I went to see the blockbuster “disaster” The Orphan earlier.  While I continue my pledge to keep this a “smack” free zone, opinions can be voiced without malice. So when I say I THINK IT BIT! I am simply one man in the Blog O Sphere who may or may not share the sentiments of many.

I guess I am more disappointed than angry.  Why you ask?  What a perfectly poised question…Because I love a great horror flick.  Slash, bash, shaky camera, oblique lighting… But in the end, a solid script and great special effects.

Soooo when it came to all things Horror and in this case Horrible (eek, did I really keep that in?) I went to my newest BFF Mark McLaughlin better known now as my HEBFF or (Horror Expert Best Friend Forever)

So Mark take it away as I turn my lemonade stand over to you…

…There was a time when doctors would purge the stomachs of patients who’d ingested poison by making them swallow a noxious substance called syrup of ipecac. Instantly, those patients would spew forth the offensive matter and thus relieved, would feel much better.

These days, doctors don’t need to break out the syrup of ipecac to make patients throw up. All they need to do is show the patient a couple direct-to-video movies with lots of low-budget, poorly crafted CGI effects, and that’ll do the job just fine.

CGI stands for Computer-Generated Imagery. A little history lesson: According to Wikipedia, 2D CGI was first used in movies in 1973’s WESTWORLD, and 3D CGI was first used in its 1976 sequel, FUTUREWORLD. The third movie to use this technology was STAR WARS in 1977, and back then, CGI was really hot stuff and everybody ooohed and aaahed over it — probably because a lot of time, effort and money went into making the imagery just right.

But, that was then. Now, everybody with a video camera is cramming CGI effects into movies galore, and while sometimes superior results are achieved, more often than not, the results look like something a patient might have heaved up after swigging one of those ipecac martinis. These days, CGI pretty much stands for Cinematic Groan of Irritation.

Let’s take a look at some CGI-saturated releases (mostly direct-to-video, what a surprise) from recent years.

In YETI, plane crash survivors must fight man-eating yetis hidden away from the world high up in some snowy mountains. Basically, the yetis look like guys in gorilla-style costumes covered with matted white fur. They’re not even as realistic as Godzilla in his Toho Studios movies from the Sixties.

The faces, hands and feet of the yetis look like they’re made out of light-gray latex. I guess there was a stage in evolution when primates mated with rubber-tree plants, resulting in these monstrosities.

The yeti suits are pretty bad, but they’re not the worst thing about this movie. What could be worse, you ask? When it’s time for the yetis to run after anybody, suddenly those lumbering snow-hulks turn into ridiculously nimble CGI creations, jumping with the agility of grasshoppers. Hilarious! And yet, pitiful!

YETI stars Peter DeLuise and a bunch of unknowns, and Peter does a fairly good job of screaming when one of the yetis disembowels him.

These days, every other direct-to-video horror movie seems to have a bit part for Robert Englund, a.k.a. Freddy Kruger from the ’80s and beyond, and BLACK SWARM ups the ante by giving him a pivotal role as a mad scientist.

BLACK SWARM is about a genetically engineered species of killer wasp, and admittedly, wasps are pretty scary — in real life. But in this movie, the close-ups of the over-sized CGI wasps creeping out of their papier-mâché hives actually look silly and a little … cute! Aaaawww, wook at the widdle sweetie-pies! Aren’t they just pwecious?

If we’re to believe Native American history as it is presented in the movie BONE EATER, it would seem there’s a tribe that actually worships bad special effects. The Bone Eater is a demon who takes the shape of a fifteen-foot-tall skeleton with glowing green eyes, and it is so fakey, it makes WHO FRAMED ROGER RABBIT? look like a National Geographic special on the common North American hare.

Most of the stars of BONE EATER are folks who haven’t appeared in movies for so long, they must have jumped at the chance to co-star with a walking Halloween cartoon. Bruce Boxleitner stars as the sheriff, with Gil Gerard as his deputy. Veronica Hamel, William Katt and Walter Koenig also earned some paychecks. They all deserved a better movie (and a better monster) but hey, they’ve got to pay the rent somehow.

I think a new rule needs to go into effect in Hollywood. If CGI effects don’t improve a movie, ditch them and just hire a performer in a rubber suit, a la the old Godzilla, to play the monster. YETI had the right idea, but they should’ve left out the CGI parts. If a performer is hired to play the monster, at least one more actor is getting a paycheck.

One movie series that has turned out great movies with an actor in a pretty convincing rubber suit is the JEEPERS CREEPERS franchise. I once had the pleasure of meeting the actor, Jonathan Breck, who plays the gruesome Creeper. He explained to me that he got the part because he has very large, expressive eyes — a required feature for the creature.

JEEPERS CREEPERS and its sequel were both wonderfully macabre, and certainly having an experienced actor playing the monster really amped up the quality of the movie. I can hardly wait to see the forthcoming JEEPERS CREEPERS 3. On the other hand, I’m not holding my breath for BONE EATER 2.

A closing note about Godzilla: When the CGI version of GODZILLA with Matthew Broderick came out in 1998, did you notice that all the critics hated it? Big G looked like just another JURASSIC PARK wannabe. When it comes to Godzilla, CGI stands for Can’t Get Interested.


Mark McLaughlin is the co-author (with Michael McCarty) of the Bram Stoker Award-nominated novel, MONSTER BEHIND THE WHEEL. He also writes the movie review column, TIME MACHINE OF TERROR! at www.gravesidetales.com. Most of Mark’s many story and poetry collections are available at www.Horror-Mall.com.

Wow!  I  would venture to guess it WAS NOT my unrivaled talents as a weaver of words that just about shut the server down.  The response to the interview with Adrian Paul was so overwhelmingly positive that I simply had to call and ask for MORE, MORE, MORE

The answer YES, YES, YES…So let me wrangle this busy man in and we should have something to play with (did I just write that?) Oh well…Next week.  Check back daily for updates and THANK YOU Adrian


Today, while I was waiting to buy my groceries and the same person that seems to follow me to each store only to take out her checkbook AFTER the entire purchase – (Which by the by consists of ONE PEACH) has been tabulated, bagged, double bagged, cradled , coddled discussed, disinfected and finally departed – It struck me…What would it do to my desire to be overly attentive to details (seen by others as acute OCD) if I missed a call from someone I had scheduled to interview and who was graciously giving of his/her time so all of us could live vicariously?

Now imagine on three separate occasions as I wait for the SINGLE peach to be purchased an unknown number comes up on my phone of which I smugly disregard thinking “I don’t take calls from blocked numbers…”

Now fast forward to the parking lot, I have shown my athleticism and raced AND beaten the 140 year old peach lady to our respective cars as I listen to my voicemail and hear…

“Hello – This is Adrian Paul and we HAD and interview scheduled…” AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH – Synaptic Frazzle, Moment of Melt Down, Hissy Fit on the Horizon…and breathe, think happy thoughts and breathe and DAMN those happy thoughts this is “Adrian Paul” Highlander Hottie and new BFF or HHAPBFF (Highlander Hottie And Producer Adrian Paul Best Friend Forever).


So besides EVERY female I know, may know, was meant to know or who knows of me (yes that includes my momma and she WILL take me down) If I had missed this opportunity heads would roll.  Well one head – MINE

Thankfully, Adrian is as gracias of spirit as he is handsome and called me later in the day.  Ok let me say that again simply to impress me. “So he called me back later in the day…”  STOP  – ego trip complete.

First, I have officially decided I want an accent, specifically a British accent.  I firmly believe a troll living under a bridge sounds faboo as long as he or she can speak with a side order of fish and chips (wrapped in newspaper of course).  Anywayyyyyyyyyyy

Adrian Paul – Talented, intelligent, A lister, Producer, and philanthropic in a way few today know how.

President and Founder of The PEACE Fund (http://www.thepeacefund.org/) and best known for his six years as Duncan MacLeod in Highlander: The Series, Adrian has stayed busy since the show’s end in such genre fare as the series Tracker (in which he starred as well as co-produced) and a variety of movies – the most recent being the forthcoming Eyeborgs, The Heavy, Captain Drake and Nine Miles Down.

It was Adrian’s personal connection to Koh Phi Phi and his desire to help the residents of the area that re-launched The PEACE Fund with the PEACE in Paradise Project.

Can we say R E M A R K A B L E!   He admits that many in Tinsel Town use charitable work as fuel and fodder for the PR machine but this is far more personal to him and about “the people in need” not his need for public recognition.

I have been blessed with an amazing opportunity to speak with people everyday who allow us the means by which to escape a world seemingly in transition if not turmoil and then we meet Adrian who has taken the concept of “giving back” to new heights with a career that is proof that talent plus good karma are a remarkable and reliable formula for success.

Adrian you are the change and we are better for it and for “knowing” you.