Kevin Sorbo Gets His Cupid On

February 11, 2010

Was great to reconnect with Kev Sorbo…Such a down to earth guy who sends the hottie o meter off the charts!

Have a read!–A-chat-with-Kevin-Sorbo?cid=sharing_facebook:24825#


Tis’ the season to forget that it “tis the season”… In fact, even after JUST taking some “me time” to give back to the community that has supported me in so many ways… I still must admit the Uber was sucked right out of MY Fab as I found I was having an A.M. (Atomic Moment)…Not a B.M. ( Duh you know what that is…. Ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwh!) over something as silly as…Well it was the LAST string of non-twinkling, five foot, multi-circuit… Annnnnnywayyyyyy,  this has become a season of forgetting not remembering.

  • Forgetting to say “Please” and “Thank you”
  • Forgetting that many of us do have enough while others will go without
  • Forgetting that holiday gatherings are about responsibility and getting behind the wheel of a car drunk is simply unacceptable
  • Forgetting that to give of yourself and your time is a precious gift that WILL make a difference

So for that, I want do something I rarely do, but it is in the name of an amazing cause and some very special friends… Max Ryan (Sex and the City II) and Kevin Sorbo (Hercules and Andromeda)… I am going to share a link from my new UCUNNBFF (Uber, Cool, Uber, Newsie, New, Best, Friend, Forever) Christine (Chris) Morrow of CNN – Her article and event is no less remarkable then the people who made it happen.

Tis’ the season so GET YOUR TIS’ ON!

Happy Halloween

November 1, 2009

Loving Disclaimer:  Tried to get photos of everyone, but did not have sources for all and always try to give credit where credit is due…Send me your photos UBER FABS and for those who did I will add them ASAP just wanted to go live before it was OVER!

Source: Late Night With Jimmy Fallon


As the countdown to Halloween begins, I must admit my not so secret desire to know seemingly random factoids about the celebs we love to love is nearly overwhelming…Who would dare to tell me what secret sugary devils and demons they will ingest and who will wake up bloated and sugar toxic (like me) the MORNING AFTER?  Wow this was one topic where my BFF’s came out of the woodwork and did me proud!

I have said it before and I will say it again….I have the best job in the world… Thank you to all who helped me get the truth behind the truth as we uncovered and unwrapped the secrets behind tricks, treats and more treats…Admit it folks, I am NOT the only one who buys MY favorite candy and turns off the front porch light early to eat myself into a delicious sugar coma!

Happy Halloween! Boowahhahahaha I love you all!

P.S.  Who were your candy cousins or your munchie matches???  Post now and tell the world!!!

The Chocolates:

Lauren Maher – Scarlett – Pirates of Carribean 1,2 AND 3 – Reeses Peanut Butter Cups

Jessica Simpson -M&Ms

Kevin Sorbo -Butter finger – (Kev! We need another feature outta you!!!)

Susan Lucci -Dark Chocolate Covered Almonds

Luis Perez – Celebrity Trainer the Stars – Butterfinger (Thank God he eats crap too!)

Fan page and exercise tips

The Lady Chablis – Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil -Dark Chocolate with Nuts (How appropriate)

Melora Hardin (The Office, Hannah Montana: The Movie, 17 Again, YOU):

Reeses peanut butter cups

Kelly Osbourne — Cadbury Milk Chocolate – Loving you on Dancing With The Stars !

Jimmy Fallon — Clark Bars – (Dude you Rock!)

Wayne Brady — Peanut M&Ms

Byron  Nease-Phatom of the Opera – M&M fan – plain, not peanut.

The Gummies:

Nick Carter — Sour Gummy Cola Bottles

Kelly Ripa — Swedish Fish

Jennifer Love Hewitt — Peachie O’s ( Jen I adore you!!! Thank you!)

Alan Alda — Black Licorice Bites ( You are a TV G-d)

Katie Couric — Gummy Bears

Serena Williams — Laffy Taffy (Are  you the one with the serve or the backhand??? Kidding)

The Traditionalists”:

Jessica Hall – E!/Playboy Radio – The Morning After – Pumpkin Candy Corn

Paul Ben-Victor (The Wire, Entourage, In Plain Sight) – Candy Corn

Ashley Palmer (“Paranormal Activity”) – Candy Corn

Anton Kasabov (Tekken) Candy Corn

Kathy Kinnly – Mrs. P – Mimi – The Drew Carey Show – Caramel Apples

“The Randoms”: I love you too…

Bill Clinton — Payday

(This is a Bi-Partisan Blog BUT the Republicans did not choose to respond)

Jerry Seinfeld — Bit o’ Honey

Mary J. Blige — Skittles
Tom Hanks — Boston Baked Beans

Greg Louganis – Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups, Mini Snickers, Dots, and Cinnamon Gummy Bears (Greg I love you to the moon and back but make up your  damn mind LOL) NOTE:  I Think we “mights” be seeing you on Dancing With The Stars next season????  YOU HEARD IT HERE

Steven Speilberg — Mike and Ike

Michael J. Fox — Circus Peanuts – Lovvvvvvvvvvvve these too “Mike”

Max Ryan – (Sex And The City II) Doughnuts??? (Ok you are a hottie and from another country so we will let it slide J )

David Hasselhoff — Jelly Belly Jelly Beans

Elizabeth Berkley — Starburst

Al Roker – Smarties

Harry PaganCoss  Celebrity Chef – Candy Corn and Mary Janes –

Mary Kate Olsen — Tootsie Rolls (see below)

Diva Janet Hopkins of the New York Metropolitan Opera – A Tootsie Roll fan. (No backtalk Tootsie Rolls are “Chocolate Flavored” not chocolate SO HUSH all you proof readers J )

Just got these NEVER BEFORE SEEN photos of “Kev”.  You asked for them and here ya go!   Many thanks to my sources and to the unbelievably talented photographer

Ash Gupta

Kevin Sorbo_SK7Z7953 ash KevinSorbo_SK7Z6145

Today I was traveling and I know airports drive some people three shades of crazy, but I find them the Petri dish of human behavior.   I admit it, I travel first class and silllllllly meeeee, I always thought I was paying not only for the seat, bad food and plastic “silverware”, but also the space ABOVE my seat as well.  Oh my what was I thinking?  So, when I handed the “ticket master” my boarding pass, I was informed “I would have to check my bag, as there was no room for it on the aircraft” may I add that my suitcase was specifically and aerodynamically constructed to meet ALL industry specifications. (e.g. my damn bag is small enough to carry all my small clothing and my small toiletries ONTO THE PLANE)

That was not the case today, or so the slightly misguided, yet delightfully perky “ticket master” thought. My permutation seemed quite logical – “Thank you perky person, but I have utilized 136,000 frequent flyer miles to secure this ticket.  That is $1 for each mile earned or $136,000.00.  So being that my seat is greater than the sum of my mortgage, I feel compelled to inform you with the utmost respect, I WILL BE BRINGING MY LITTLE BAG ONBOARD”


That being said, what’s a guy to do when he gets a chance to talk to Hercules?  Half man half G-d and ALL Kevin Sorbo!  Say it with me K E V I N  S O R B O… If we are in fact defined by the company we keep than I too could argue I am half man (no big news flash and half G-d) I like the sound of that one.  But I am certainly not a big, hunky, blonde Nordic, hunky, big  (I know I said that already but it seemed necessary) heapin’ portion of an A Lister who is absolutely attitude free!   In fact, this guy while being all man, had no need to overwhelm me with a flood of testosterone and instead was humble, direct, funny and not afraid to let a refreshing and edgy sense of humor shine through.

So while discussing this, that and of course the other thing with my THNHHNBFF or (Tall, Hunky, Nordic, Half G-d, Half Man New Best Friend Forever) it became clear why he has been on the radar for more than a decade.  With a new blockbuster hit, Paradox – poised for release this year and two Sci-Fi Channel projects Lightening Strikes and Fire From Below ready to hit us between the eyes in September; “Kev” is also gearing up for a romantic comedy What If with Kristy Swanson from Buffy the Vampire Slayer – The Movie

But did ya’ know that he is the voice of countless Wii characters?  Did ya’ know his second child weighed  12 ½ pounds at birth?  (that is a sofa, not a baby Kev) and did ya’ know that I have some work to do for my new THNHHNBFF – So here we go

  1. Tom (Hanks) Your movie Viking R? Hellooooo think no further, look at what ya got.  KEVIN SORBO… Deliciously Nordic and delightfully talented.  Tom make the call now or I absolutely refuse to clean your toilets any longer and I will not be swayed
  2. Mercedes Benz?  Please say “Goodnight John Boy…” Richard Thomas is a dream and I adore him, BUT Kevin Sorbo is the new voice of luxury and if you don’t end up buying a Mercedes he can beat ya’ up.  Makes sense to me!

Now with that out of the way… A few more thoughts…Andromeda – The Sci-Fi Channels stellar hit. Who led the intergalactic entourage?  You are correct compadres, Good Ol’ Kevin and while I am no stylista I think many will agree what little he did wear he wore oh so well!

So despite that fact the fact that I could have talked to this guy all day and I know he was enthralled by my overwhelmingly witty personality (he didn’t need to say it as I felt the common bond).  Here are some points to ponder…

  1. He is tall – I am not
  2. He defines hunk – I do not
  3. He is a chick magnet – I am not
  4. He is blonde – I am not
  5. He can bench press a freight train – I can not

Geez how much clearer can it be, we are practically twins separated at birth.   Kevin THANK YOU it was really sumpin’, sumpin’ and please do answer your phone when Tom calls as I am getting a little weary of cleaning his toilets for ya.

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A Day Without Buzz

July 22, 2009

Today while I was waiting to hear back from Ryan Seacrest (no one on Facebook seems to believe me) I realized the life of a Blogger is a lonely one. – (insert deep sigh).  Add to that my passion for Pop Culture and sometimes it seems like the well runneth dry.   


 Now I realize we are never at a loss for celebrity fodder, but fodder without a foundation is…Well – Fodder without a foundation.   I had been taking it rather personally  as I have come a great distance.  I was the fat kid in school, I had food thrown at me (you know who you are) and I fought with a damn cowlick that made me look like the half-breed of Prince Charles and Dame Edna…But nothing compares to the pain of casting my net out over the often torrid seas of Tinsel Town only to pull up anchor and find I have snagged nothing but a ruined manicure and chapped lips.

That was my day today and then BAM! First an email from Katrina Campins of Miami Social…Sexy, smart BFF… SHABAM! An email from Olympic Gold Medalist Greg Louganis, SHWAP! (no, not SHWING!) A ping from Season Six American Idol Finalist – Leslie Hunt and VAVOOOOOOOOOM!  contact with Adrian Paul, Highlander (star sci-fi feature Eyeborgs opens fall 2009, star of The Heavy openly June 3rd, London; star of 9 Miles Down opening Summer 2009),  Kevin Sorbo, Hercules, Andromeda, Max Ryan, Death Race, League of Extraordinary Gentlemen and star of Dark Moon Rising” opening fall  2009, Daniel Alter, producer of Hitman, the upcoming Hack/Slash, Johnny Quest, Scott Elrod, Men In Trees and Lifetime’s upcoming Uncorked  Steven Man, Savage Island, star of upcoming One In The Gun and Melissa Farman, ABC’s Lost, co-star of HBO’s “Temple Grandin”… Ah was that just LOST you read??? Hmmm

 Moving on… Paul Ashton, Australia’s hit TV series, The Secret Life of Us, star of upcoming Serial Buddies  with Maria Menounos, Luke Eberl, Planet Of The Apes (co-star sci-fi feature Eyeborgs  opens fall 2009) Megan Blake, Taledega Nights & Animal Attractions TV (star sci-fi feature Eyeborgs opens fall 2009).

KA-THUMP! can you hear those names dropping?   Honestly, I have the best job in the world talking to some of the most interesting and intriguing people.  So as I say “Adios” for today remember one thing… Even the fat kid with the cowlick can go from Zero to Hero! Well at least his mom thinks so.