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March 26, 2010

I decided to take the plunge!   It ‘s me, a baseball cap, my favorite t-shirt and a webcam…Be afraid   Thank  G-d for my Uber fab friends who join me to chat.


I don’t care what anyone says SHE defines uber fab!

In the wake of Haiti’s catastrophe, it is good to know that the “Material Girl” is still willing to share her good fortune. According to sources at Partners in Health, “Madonna has donated $250,000 to Partners in Health, which is a health care provider in Haiti. The singer stated, ‘we must act now,’ and is encouraging all her friends and fans to follow in her footsteps and donate whatever they can.

Many celebrities have shown overwhelming support for the survivors and their devastating loss which is further proof that Tinsel Town has some depth of character. While Madonna has long taken many fiery darts for her outspoken, aggressive stance on life, love, family and just about everything else; she has time and again been on the forefront of many important causes.

Photo Source:  Hollywood News

Did she front the 1 million bucks graciously donated by Hollywood’s royal couple, Brad and Angelina? Not quite, but it appears while “girls may come and girls may go…”  This “girl” is here to stay and leverage her fame and name for what is simply the right thing to do.

Ok, I admit it – I am not a Harry Potter fan.  I respect the Potter craze, I have read several of the books and I have seem the movies, but it feels like the whole Twilight “trauma drama”.  Adaptations originally written for young adults that are cashing in on the rest of us with cool special effects and a few “adult” over-tones.

 So G-d is punishing me for admitting this as the Botox hurt like hell today, but as the “potion” filled my veins I had to wonder (in between whining) What is it about this latest Potter that seems to have the cast hexed?   

Source: IMBD


Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince,  has not had the best good karma track record from flu to a quick peek at a “hoo hoo”  the movie will of course break all box office records but not before it takes its toll on cast and crew.   Does this series of events bring me any joy, of course not?  Does it have anything to do with the dead chicken and incense I have been burning? NO COMMENT.

But I must admit that secretly I do wish a dear friend Sir Ian McKellen would find his way into this world of these wizards.   During a quick call across the pond he told me “If I am still functioning and working well I would consider doing it”  Yippee, hoorah and thank you Sir Ian for sharing even a few words with me.  After all I drove you all over Miami as your private tour guide and I adored every minute of it.

But enough of my musings…I have made some new, very faboo friends at DM Public Relations.    They not only know the buzz they make it happen.  Amanda Meglio & Nicole Sciacca were nice enough to share some thoughts with me and they were so good I am giving them all of my sandbox to play in. Take it away ladies

…After putting most of Tinsel Town to rest last week, pigs certainly did fly – across the pond to London, plaguing Harry Potter actor, Rupert Grint, with a touch of the swine flu. But, that still didn’t stop Grint from getting inebriated at the Harry Potter premier in London. We only hope Grint is aware that antibiotics tend to stop working when combined with alcohol. Words of advice: wear a mask.

Were these wizards playing with a Ouija board and forget to flip the thing over and wave good bye? The Potter crew is still working off some raunchy luck. Let’s face it, the Wizard of Oz can’t even send this bunch packing down a yellow brick road.

And get a whiff of this, co-pot head, Jamie Waylet, who plays Vincent Crabbe, was arrested for growing some fancy herb at his mother’s swanky London pad.  Perhaps it wasn’t the munchies he was craving, instead some attention.  We only wonder if ‘mum’ appreciates his ‘love-laced’ efforts.

The hex saga still continues for these ‘Potter Heads’. While strolling the red carpet at the latest Harry Potter movie premier in London, photos zoomed in on what could have been a ‘hairy’ mess for Emma Watson, but luckily she did not pull a Britney, a Paris, a Khloe, or Potter co-star Daniel Radcliffe, who really gave his ‘Regards to Broadway’ when he bared it all a few summers ago. Thank goodness this English lady was wearing her knickers.

For the record, they couldn’t defeat Lord Voldemort on this side of the realm. These Harry Potter enchanters should have stayed on the train in Hogwarts 

Amanda Meglio & Nicole Sciacca
DM Public Relations


July 3, 2009

LOL – My New BFF James had a soemthing to say so I figured WTF and I let him play in my sandbox.  Actually, when I read it I ROFL – Thanks James you are welcome here any time.

WTF? That’s what I want to know. WTF is going on when everyone knows what I mean by WTF? The majority of the population probably uses the F-word from time to time, and some people all the time. I say it, but rarely, usually prompted by my computer’s misbehavior. In my opinion, the movies catapulted the word into everyday parlance.

 I love movies, but I often wonder who killed off all the scriptwriters who could create drama and comedy without using profanity—like they still do on network TV shows. A few decades ago, the word either shocked or amused audiences, but now only puritans and a few pre-teens. According to Wikipedia, the F-word was used 398 times in the 1995 movie Casino. Okay, we assume mobsters talk that way. What about the 2008 comedy Zack and Miri Make a Porno? How many viewers hoped to see some sex, but what they got was the word—219 times. In one scene the main character, who worked in a coffee shop, shouted it repeatedly in front of customers who didn’t bat an eye. Hollywood seems to think everybody talks that way all the time, and moviegoers are believing it.

I admit, the word can be versatile, expressing either joy or sorrow, elation or depression, pain or ecstasy. But that’s the problem. It’s lazy language that often fails to communicate. If a friend sent you a one-sentence text messaged saying “I got f**ked yesterday,” you wouldn’t know whether to congratulate him or recommend a lawyer. Sadly, some effective words seem to have been replaced with the F-word. Does anyone ever bungle, botch, mess or muddle up things anymore? The F-word is a multi-purpose word, but most of the time it is not used to refer to that fine physical pleasure that we all enjoy.

Instead, it is negative, used to complain, criticize, or tell someone off. It expresses anger, impatience, hostility, belligerence. It can be rude, crude, and crass. It really doesn’t make us pleasant to be with, help us make friends, make us sound intelligent, win arguments, strengthen our family relationships, get jobs or earn promotions. Unless we are in a movie. 

James V. O’Connor

Author of CUSS CONTROL, the Complete Book on How to Curb Your Cursing

…Ok I am huge Heroes fan and that is not exactly how the tag line goes; but after season one they started on a downward spiral into stupidity so I feel I am allowed to offer up at least one cliché.  This of course is true as my Heroes expert Ariel Kline  – “What you have never heard of her?”  FOR SHAME agrees with me about the season one debacle.

Anywaayyyy.   Allie Gross of People Magazine comes through again as she shared words of wisdom from Hayden Panettiere –

  “If I can’t flaunt it at 20, come on!” Panettiere said while promoting her new film I Love You, Beth Cooper, in theaters July 10. “I mean I might as well show it now.”

 Deep huh?  So what the hell is going on here anyway…The ages old dilemma…Show some skin and fill the seats?   By all accounts, Hayden is a delightful young woman and she is beautiful as well – But what bothers me is she seems to feel compelled to show us more  as if time is running  out hayden_panettiereon her window of naked opportunity.

Celebrity Psychiatrist Carole Lieberman, M.D or “Dr. Carol” as I like to call her gives us her enlightened two cents in a recent interview with…Well ME!

 Hayden Panettiere is falling into the Hollywood ‘starlet trap’ of

being willing to do anything to get herself noticed. At any given

moment, there are too many starlets desperately seeking attention, and not enough screen time. The easiest way to rise above the rest,

if only for 15 minutes, is to take it off, take it all off.

(Hayden Panettiere Photo by: Frederick M. Brown / Getty)

Unfortunately, this does not bring about Oscar recognition or lasting

star power. It only leaves these dime-a-dozen starlets shivering in

the cold.  —Carole Lieberman, M.D.

Celebrity Psychiatrist

 So is she a real Hero or just another naked flash in the pan???

June 25, 2009

7 Things to Learn From Reality Show Couples

Some of your favorite reality TV-show couples weigh in on what is and what is not “reality.

In 1979, comedian Robin Williams launched his now famous and “infamous” stand-up album, Reality What a Concept and took his comedic genius to new heights as he explored the dark corners, pieces, parts and secrets that we have come to know as reality. Today, “reality television” is hardly as startling a concept as it was a decade (or two) ago, but beyond the “dramality” of it all, what can we learn from this genre and more specifically, what can we learn from the couples who have agreed, “for better or for worse,” to bare it all for the camera?

 1. Get back to basics and reconnect with who you are. Uchenna and Joyce Agu of The Amazing Race explain that, “there is a point where you forget about the cameras; the environment or the competition becomes all there is. All things that you have come to recognize as you in your ‘controlled world’ begin to fade and you are left with the basic ‘you,’ the real you. This is where the unbelievable moments occur. Both viewer and contestant are moved off center to the point of intense emotion. For any couple, these moments of clarity offer a rare opportunity. We call it the ‘Reality Mirror of Truth.’ Most reality shows present you opportunity to see the best and the worst in each other and maybe more importantly oneself. It’s up to the person or couple to take the opportunity and grow from it. The viewer also has a choice: find a way to relate to it and grow; or judge, disconnect and write off the lesson as just pure entertainment, learning nothing and missing an opportunity.”

2. The truth is lawful, not awful. Dr. Kevin Fleming, president and CEO of a unique behavioral transformation and coaching firm ( says when working on a relationship, it is very common to fight reality, which of course leads to fighting with each other. “In my work with couples, I combine neuroscience and life coaching to get folks to see that most conflicts are wishes unmet.”

3. There is no script for relationships. “Even though you can’t script a relationship, there are basic checkpoints that help you in navigating to that mutual happy place,” say Uchenna and Joyce Agu. “What our parents always told us yet struggled at times to maintain themselves was to have respect and true compassion in your relationship. If those two things break down, the going can get very tough.”

4. Sometimes the proof is in the proof! Silvana Clark ( and her husband who appeared on the FOX reality show Trading Spouses explains, “We knew we had a terrific, fun and amazing 30-year marriage. After being on the show we really knew we had a terrific marriage.” Sometimes you just have to admit everything might not be perfect, but it is pretty darn good. A drama-free zone is not a bad thing so don’t create chaos if things are going well.

5. Play the tape through. In my work as Life Coach and having worked with many individuals to explore the “what next” in their post reality show relationships, time and again the common theme is clear. Those who played it out in front of the camera were never given the opportunity to play the tape through The universal lesson, consider all the possible scenarios before you open your mouth and inadvertently stick your foot in it.

6. Say what you mean, but no need to be mean with what you say. Your mother was right! If you don’t have anything nice to say… be quiet. Not something that often happens on reality television and we certainly see the outcome. So don’t be afraid to speak your truth, but turn the volume down a notch and pay attention when your spouse is speaking—no “channel surfing” allowed!

7. Lights, camera, action. “Don’t just stand there, do something!” We have all screamed it or something like it at reality show couples, but in truth we can learn a great deal from them. Whether they are chasing fortune (and each other) all over the globe, working off the pounds together, or simply swapping spouses (not what you might think), all these couples agree on one thing: change doesn’t happen by accident and a relationship is an active state of being.

Enjoy and thank you

Enjoy and thank you

Sitting down with The Lady Chablis, one can expect anything. The Doll, The Grand Empress, The Bitch has spent nearly 3 decades bringing her “southern charm” to stage and screen. Known for her razor sharp tongue and witty repartee, Chablis made more than a splash in the Oscar Nominated movie, Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil, directed by Clint Eastwood based on the book by the same name.  I have know The Lady for nearly a decade and I am thrilled she has agreed to share some thoughts so I give you

Chablis” …Shit – Oh shit keep it clean girl… Or you will take this blog down. Blog what the hell is a blog anyway? This girl has written on everything from a movie script to !@# match book but this blogging sounds like a disease. Now I realize some expect I have about 2 brain cells left and the two working focus on nothing of substance. Let them think that this  as this is my place to race with my thoughts and I do have a little sumpin’, sumpin’ to say.

In fact, this week I read about pollution in this country and it really hit me hard. So many people are dying from shit we can’t cure this is something we can avoid and yet it still happens. “Millions of people living in nearly 600 neighborhoods across the country are breathing concentrations of toxic air pollutants that put them at a much greater risk of contracting cancer, according to new data from the Environmental Protection Agency.”

Parts of Los Angeles, Calif., and Madison County, Ill., had the highest cancer risks in the nation – 1200 in 1 million and 1100 in 1 million, according to the data. I have a lot of fans and friends in LA and hell I am part of the damn human race so I have a lot of people who are hurting or will be soon. I am known for opening up my big ass mouth and sending forth some witty, nasty, crusty, cancerous words and maybe a few people get hurt in the line of fire. But shit this is serious and I guess if this is MY time to say what is on MY mind than I have said it. Let’s clean up our act (the planet) – cause’ Bitches I am not cleaning up mine (on stage)  anytime time soon


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