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January 25, 2010

What an inspiring weekend!   While it is my sincere wish that none of us would need to deal with the realities in Haiti, it was a distinct honor to speak with George Clooney, MTV, Adrian Paul and a host of uber fabs who understand that to make a difference we are all one world and one “family”.

My prayers and my “goods” go out to the people of Haiti as each read of my articles at–Bold-beautiful-and-not-afraid-to-Flash-Forward-with-True-Blood

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You are uber fab so embrace it!


Univision has a new Hottie – Luis Perez – Celebrity Trainer to the Stars

Interview to follow but the Tweets have spoken “Bring on a Hottie”

Do you approve?  Thanks Univision for the sexy addition!  Gracias Univision!



Today in my Hip Hop class – Yes I did say Hip Hop as carbs are evil and I endeavor to be lean but not mean.   I was “bustin’ the proverbial move” and feeling rather coordinated as I remained upright when choreographed… Until the dancer next to me said – “Wow you move really well for a white guy…”  Ok I am a realist and as a man who moisturizes I have been called far worse than “rhythmic” – But it struck me, in these days of transition, it is easy to forget that some stereotypes persist.

Now to add insult to injury (after looking at HIM cross-eyed) – He added… “And for  guy your age you are really moving…”  Ok that just about pushed me over the edge – but alas this was a special day as I was not the ONLY “white guy” who would stepping outside the box and taking on the status quo.

Serious moment…This is what we call an introduction and it is meant to somehow tie my interview with the straight up, straight talkin’ MC  (I will wow you with my knowledge in just a few…) Sullee with my random life.  So please this is not a political statement on present racial woes…THIS is a celebrity blog – so breathe….And away we go!

Photo Credits: Source Unknown


MTV I love you and you have been good to me, but I do have talk the talk about VH1 for a bit.  What happens when you mix reality television, a really cool premise and music?  Ya get The White Rapper Show hosted by MC Serch of 3rd Bass fame.   Now stick these white rappers in a “crib” (listen to me sounding so urban) in the South Bronx and let the bullets, I mean sparks fly.

Actually, according to Sullee the show was “really fair” with only a few editing “extravaganzas” that did not fully “represent”.

Hailing from inner city Boston, it was immediately clear that this guy was a gentleman, an artist and more than willing to educate me on the finer points of the Rap vs. Hip Hop debate. In fact, did ya know that beyond the box is the MC??? Hmmm see you can even learn something here!

So as an MC or Master of Ceremony Sullee truly collaborates with the DJ who is spinning and steps into the spotlight to keep the party moving.   Not to take away from his reality television experience or his unwavering integrity as he walked away from the $100,000 brass ring to do as his father told him when he left for the show – “Make sure he could come home…” with his reputation firmly intact and the respect of this Blogger and fans everywhere – Sullee has certainly come full circle… “growing up I really respected people like Busta Rhymes…” Fast forward to the present and BAM! his hit single is with whom you ask? None other than his childhood idol “Busta”… Doesn’t get much better than that!

With his debut album An American Tale (named after his favorite movie) poised to take over the music scene – Yes orphaned mouse takes on the new world (aw shucks) this guy has a softer side (major chic magnet) Sullee is a musical powerhouse that flexes his muscle through his lyrics steering clear of the pitfalls that have taken down so many in his genre.

As humble as he is talented,  he is quick to recognize those who have inspired him and grateful to a remarkable list of industry A Listers who have already given him the major green light. Claudette Ortiz of City High, Joe Budden, Teddy Riley, Slash of Guns and Roses, Busta Rhymes, Rick Ross, Mims., Billy Squier, Cool and Dre, Jackpot, Blackout, Ken Lewis and Producers Coalition of America are all on the “Sullee Express”  a train that has left the station and is on a cross country adventure moving full throttle towards not only taking the industry by storm, but redefining the definition of MC as we know it.

Note to self:  Sullee wants to one day be a Farmer in Kentucky…I will let HIM explain

Note to dancer in class:  BRING IT ON YOUNG GUN!


July 3, 2009

LOL – My New BFF James had a soemthing to say so I figured WTF and I let him play in my sandbox.  Actually, when I read it I ROFL – Thanks James you are welcome here any time.

WTF? That’s what I want to know. WTF is going on when everyone knows what I mean by WTF? The majority of the population probably uses the F-word from time to time, and some people all the time. I say it, but rarely, usually prompted by my computer’s misbehavior. In my opinion, the movies catapulted the word into everyday parlance.

 I love movies, but I often wonder who killed off all the scriptwriters who could create drama and comedy without using profanity—like they still do on network TV shows. A few decades ago, the word either shocked or amused audiences, but now only puritans and a few pre-teens. According to Wikipedia, the F-word was used 398 times in the 1995 movie Casino. Okay, we assume mobsters talk that way. What about the 2008 comedy Zack and Miri Make a Porno? How many viewers hoped to see some sex, but what they got was the word—219 times. In one scene the main character, who worked in a coffee shop, shouted it repeatedly in front of customers who didn’t bat an eye. Hollywood seems to think everybody talks that way all the time, and moviegoers are believing it.

I admit, the word can be versatile, expressing either joy or sorrow, elation or depression, pain or ecstasy. But that’s the problem. It’s lazy language that often fails to communicate. If a friend sent you a one-sentence text messaged saying “I got f**ked yesterday,” you wouldn’t know whether to congratulate him or recommend a lawyer. Sadly, some effective words seem to have been replaced with the F-word. Does anyone ever bungle, botch, mess or muddle up things anymore? The F-word is a multi-purpose word, but most of the time it is not used to refer to that fine physical pleasure that we all enjoy.

Instead, it is negative, used to complain, criticize, or tell someone off. It expresses anger, impatience, hostility, belligerence. It can be rude, crude, and crass. It really doesn’t make us pleasant to be with, help us make friends, make us sound intelligent, win arguments, strengthen our family relationships, get jobs or earn promotions. Unless we are in a movie. 

James V. O’Connor

Author of CUSS CONTROL, the Complete Book on How to Curb Your Cursing

…Ok I am huge Heroes fan and that is not exactly how the tag line goes; but after season one they started on a downward spiral into stupidity so I feel I am allowed to offer up at least one cliché.  This of course is true as my Heroes expert Ariel Kline  – “What you have never heard of her?”  FOR SHAME agrees with me about the season one debacle.

Anywaayyyy.   Allie Gross of People Magazine comes through again as she shared words of wisdom from Hayden Panettiere –

  “If I can’t flaunt it at 20, come on!” Panettiere said while promoting her new film I Love You, Beth Cooper, in theaters July 10. “I mean I might as well show it now.”

 Deep huh?  So what the hell is going on here anyway…The ages old dilemma…Show some skin and fill the seats?   By all accounts, Hayden is a delightful young woman and she is beautiful as well – But what bothers me is she seems to feel compelled to show us more  as if time is running  out hayden_panettiereon her window of naked opportunity.

Celebrity Psychiatrist Carole Lieberman, M.D or “Dr. Carol” as I like to call her gives us her enlightened two cents in a recent interview with…Well ME!

 Hayden Panettiere is falling into the Hollywood ‘starlet trap’ of

being willing to do anything to get herself noticed. At any given

moment, there are too many starlets desperately seeking attention, and not enough screen time. The easiest way to rise above the rest,

if only for 15 minutes, is to take it off, take it all off.

(Hayden Panettiere Photo by: Frederick M. Brown / Getty)

Unfortunately, this does not bring about Oscar recognition or lasting

star power. It only leaves these dime-a-dozen starlets shivering in

the cold.  —Carole Lieberman, M.D.

Celebrity Psychiatrist

 So is she a real Hero or just another naked flash in the pan???