Chit Chat

January 25, 2010

What an inspiring weekend!   While it is my sincere wish that none of us would need to deal with the realities in Haiti, it was a distinct honor to speak with George Clooney, MTV, Adrian Paul and a host of uber fabs who understand that to make a difference we are all one world and one “family”.

My prayers and my “goods” go out to the people of Haiti as each read of my articles at–Bold-beautiful-and-not-afraid-to-Flash-Forward-with-True-Blood

are clocked on the counter and I will donate $1.   All you have to do is read and also remember to click the subscribe button so you get an email alert with each new interview!

You are uber fab so embrace it!


Keepin’ the Buzz

August 31, 2009

I just spent a great weekend at a hip W hotel and I have the sunburn and heartburn to prove it.   Met a fragrance guru (name to follow) and a sexy shoe mogul (A Choo!) sorry I think I might have caught a cold!

I just wanted to touch base and let you know that I have certainly not abandoned the buzz.  In fact, some very cool things are on the horizon.  But before we can move on a few loose ends

1.  Part II of the Adrian Paul interview… He is crazy busy but as soon as I can get my hands on him (wink) I will post

2. I have a gift guide brewing…SoRELAXEDCHAIR if you know of any cool pop culture gifts to be featured here please let me know

3. Thanks for blowing the roof off with this blog…We are giving you know who a run for his money.

Sending you some fab u licios vibes


Wow!  I  would venture to guess it WAS NOT my unrivaled talents as a weaver of words that just about shut the server down.  The response to the interview with Adrian Paul was so overwhelmingly positive that I simply had to call and ask for MORE, MORE, MORE

The answer YES, YES, YES…So let me wrangle this busy man in and we should have something to play with (did I just write that?) Oh well…Next week.  Check back daily for updates and THANK YOU Adrian


Today, while I was waiting to buy my groceries and the same person that seems to follow me to each store only to take out her checkbook AFTER the entire purchase – (Which by the by consists of ONE PEACH) has been tabulated, bagged, double bagged, cradled , coddled discussed, disinfected and finally departed – It struck me…What would it do to my desire to be overly attentive to details (seen by others as acute OCD) if I missed a call from someone I had scheduled to interview and who was graciously giving of his/her time so all of us could live vicariously?

Now imagine on three separate occasions as I wait for the SINGLE peach to be purchased an unknown number comes up on my phone of which I smugly disregard thinking “I don’t take calls from blocked numbers…”

Now fast forward to the parking lot, I have shown my athleticism and raced AND beaten the 140 year old peach lady to our respective cars as I listen to my voicemail and hear…

“Hello – This is Adrian Paul and we HAD and interview scheduled…” AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH – Synaptic Frazzle, Moment of Melt Down, Hissy Fit on the Horizon…and breathe, think happy thoughts and breathe and DAMN those happy thoughts this is “Adrian Paul” Highlander Hottie and new BFF or HHAPBFF (Highlander Hottie And Producer Adrian Paul Best Friend Forever).


So besides EVERY female I know, may know, was meant to know or who knows of me (yes that includes my momma and she WILL take me down) If I had missed this opportunity heads would roll.  Well one head – MINE

Thankfully, Adrian is as gracias of spirit as he is handsome and called me later in the day.  Ok let me say that again simply to impress me. “So he called me back later in the day…”  STOP  – ego trip complete.

First, I have officially decided I want an accent, specifically a British accent.  I firmly believe a troll living under a bridge sounds faboo as long as he or she can speak with a side order of fish and chips (wrapped in newspaper of course).  Anywayyyyyyyyyyy

Adrian Paul – Talented, intelligent, A lister, Producer, and philanthropic in a way few today know how.

President and Founder of The PEACE Fund ( and best known for his six years as Duncan MacLeod in Highlander: The Series, Adrian has stayed busy since the show’s end in such genre fare as the series Tracker (in which he starred as well as co-produced) and a variety of movies – the most recent being the forthcoming Eyeborgs, The Heavy, Captain Drake and Nine Miles Down.

It was Adrian’s personal connection to Koh Phi Phi and his desire to help the residents of the area that re-launched The PEACE Fund with the PEACE in Paradise Project.

Can we say R E M A R K A B L E!   He admits that many in Tinsel Town use charitable work as fuel and fodder for the PR machine but this is far more personal to him and about “the people in need” not his need for public recognition.

I have been blessed with an amazing opportunity to speak with people everyday who allow us the means by which to escape a world seemingly in transition if not turmoil and then we meet Adrian who has taken the concept of “giving back” to new heights with a career that is proof that talent plus good karma are a remarkable and reliable formula for success.

Adrian you are the change and we are better for it and for “knowing” you.