josh 7[2].jpg a Created to get the buzz, the real buzz and nothing but the buzz  from the very people who we are buzzing about.  I am proud to  introduce to my friends (old and new) Celebs, CEO s and all  points in between who simply want to leap over the smack,  chisme, gossip and rumors and land the plane, dock the boat and  get to the damn point.

In their own words they share not only what is happening in their  lives but what makes them feel alive.  So let’s give this little social experiment a spin around the block and see where we end up?

I double dog dare ya!


4 Responses to “About”

  1. Mark said

    You promissed us a second part to your interview with Adrian Paul so we are waiting 🙂

  2. Ambereliz said

    Yes, more, more, more – please

    Maybe you could also get a new never seen yet photo for you interview with Adrian?!

  3. Ella M said

    More Adrian Paul!!! PLEASE……

  4. beeheard said

    Tryin’ He needs to agree 🙂

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