Why I should be looking for the soap with Scott Elrod?

February 20, 2010

Nothing like a little creative contest to make things interesting… My BFF Scott Elrod who we loved to love in Men In Trees and Hellhounds is up for some uber fab fun.

So tell him here why YOU should be helping look for the soap?   He is watching you so be good, be creative and keep it PG 13 please.

The winner gets a signed t-shirt from the closet of above mentioned uber fab….

Let the games begin!  Leave your comments here.

Visit me on Twitter @celebbuzzz   Scott @Scott_Elrod and also remember to join my facebook group to keep up with all the buzz…



2 Responses to “Why I should be looking for the soap with Scott Elrod?”

  1. Lawrence Doane said

    because we want scott to be all fresh and clean when he is finished bathing?

  2. FrostCrush said

    Why should I help Scott look for his soap?

    So he can relax those broad shoulders back into the tub of warm water, his neck cradled on the back of the tub, that silky hair flowing over the side. Those gorgeous, big eyes would close as I begin to soap his neck, shoulders, pecs, and lovely, strong arms . . . ummmhhhhhh . . . the beads of water and transparent bubbles that cling to my hands and his skin, warm as I stroke his firm flesh, soothing and tantalizing us both . . . uummmhhhhhh . . . Scott’s skin, smooth, hot, luscious to the touch , , , uummmhhhh . . . Scott, relaxed, that strong, long, length spread in front of me, warm and wet in a tub, mine for the pleasing . . . uummmmhhhh . . . his pleasure, mine . . .

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