Chit Chat

January 25, 2010

What an inspiring weekend!   While it is my sincere wish that none of us would need to deal with the realities in Haiti, it was a distinct honor to speak with George Clooney, MTV, Adrian Paul and a host of uber fabs who understand that to make a difference we are all one world and one “family”.

My prayers and my “goods” go out to the people of Haiti as each read of my articles at–Bold-beautiful-and-not-afraid-to-Flash-Forward-with-True-Blood

are clocked on the counter and I will donate $1.   All you have to do is read and also remember to click the subscribe button so you get an email alert with each new interview!

You are uber fab so embrace it!


4 Responses to “Chit Chat”

  1. Carol Brain said

    How does one with a great deal of contracted FEMA experience get to go help out in Haiti? I work for an engineering firm who contracts people out to FEMA. I have been doing this work for about 10 years and would like very much to be able to go help out in Haiti. Can you put me in contact with someone or a group who would be able to use me there?

    • beeheard said

      I am not sure if one answer will suffice…Since you have experience I would contact yoru local hosipital or Doctors w/o Borders People are exploring pros and cons of going right now – But if you feel you can help start there. Please feel free to post if you find a way that works

      Thank you for being you!


  2. Riley said

    I’ve put things up on Ebay and have raised over $5100 for Adrian Paul’s PEACE charity…so I am REALLY hoping to read the inerview with him. (Minus his new Daddy sleep. lol)


  3. Riley said

    sorry, typo….was not $5100, but $500. Wish it was tho!

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