My Date With The Roc

December 14, 2009

Today I was sitting with my FFFMBFF or Fiercely Fabulous Fully Moisturized Best Friend Forever  – “Val” and we were talking about my sugar toxic post holiday, post Gift Guide not so uber fab skin…. I am not one to promote any one product and I am the first to tell ya’ before you put anything on your face talk to your doctor.  But over a frappa wappa lotta over price a drink-a…  From that chain of coffee houses I still refuse to name until they will let me talk to the CEO and get me an uber fab interview… I have to admit that after passing it around and using it on my not so fresh face….

Two thumbs up for Roc…If ya want to give it a try – Start slow and give yourself a lift with the ANTI-AGE Eye cloths and the Micor- Dermabrasion Paste…

Check them out here at:

and tell “Val”  Josh said hi!



P.S.  Perez you know we don’t agree on the celeb blog formula – BUT I still adore ya’ when you are being YOU and not the big ol’ meanie!  —- xoxoxx—


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