Happy Halloween

November 1, 2009

Loving Disclaimer:  Tried to get photos of everyone, but did not have sources for all and always try to give credit where credit is due…Send me your photos UBER FABS and for those who did I will add them ASAP just wanted to go live before it was OVER!

Source: Late Night With Jimmy Fallon


As the countdown to Halloween begins, I must admit my not so secret desire to know seemingly random factoids about the celebs we love to love is nearly overwhelming…Who would dare to tell me what secret sugary devils and demons they will ingest and who will wake up bloated and sugar toxic (like me) the MORNING AFTER?  Wow this was one topic where my BFF’s came out of the woodwork and did me proud!

I have said it before and I will say it again….I have the best job in the world… Thank you to all who helped me get the truth behind the truth as we uncovered and unwrapped the secrets behind tricks, treats and more treats…Admit it folks, I am NOT the only one who buys MY favorite candy and turns off the front porch light early to eat myself into a delicious sugar coma!

Happy Halloween! Boowahhahahaha I love you all!

P.S.  Who were your candy cousins or your munchie matches???  Post now and tell the world!!!

The Chocolates:

Lauren Maher – Scarlett – Pirates of Carribean 1,2 AND 3 – Reeses Peanut Butter Cups

Jessica Simpson -M&Ms

Kevin Sorbo -Butter finger – (Kev! We need another feature outta you!!!)

Susan Lucci -Dark Chocolate Covered Almonds

Luis Perez – Celebrity Trainer the Stars – Butterfinger (Thank God he eats crap too!)

Fan page and exercise tips  http://tinyurl.com/StayFitWithLuisP

The Lady Chablis – Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil -Dark Chocolate with Nuts (How appropriate)  www.planetchablis.com

Melora Hardin (The Office, Hannah Montana: The Movie, 17 Again, YOU):

Reeses peanut butter cups

Kelly Osbourne — Cadbury Milk Chocolate – Loving you on Dancing With The Stars !

Jimmy Fallon — Clark Bars – (Dude you Rock!)

Wayne Brady — Peanut M&Ms

Byron  Nease-Phatom of the Opera – M&M fan – plain, not peanut.


The Gummies:

Nick Carter — Sour Gummy Cola Bottles

Kelly Ripa — Swedish Fish

Jennifer Love Hewitt — Peachie O’s ( Jen I adore you!!! Thank you!)

Alan Alda — Black Licorice Bites ( You are a TV G-d)

Katie Couric — Gummy Bears

Serena Williams — Laffy Taffy (Are  you the one with the serve or the backhand??? Kidding)

The Traditionalists”:

Jessica Hall – E!/Playboy Radio – The Morning After – Pumpkin Candy Corn

Paul Ben-Victor (The Wire, Entourage, In Plain Sight) – Candy Corn

Ashley Palmer (“Paranormal Activity”) – Candy Corn

Anton Kasabov (Tekken) Candy Corn

Kathy Kinnly – Mrs. P – Mimi – The Drew Carey Show – Caramel Apples


“The Randoms”: I love you too…

Bill Clinton — Payday

(This is a Bi-Partisan Blog BUT the Republicans did not choose to respond)

Jerry Seinfeld — Bit o’ Honey

Mary J. Blige — Skittles
Tom Hanks — Boston Baked Beans

Greg Louganis – Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups, Mini Snickers, Dots, and Cinnamon Gummy Bears (Greg I love you to the moon and back but make up your  damn mind LOL) NOTE:  I Think we “mights” be seeing you on Dancing With The Stars next season????  YOU HEARD IT HERE

Steven Speilberg — Mike and Ike

Michael J. Fox — Circus Peanuts – Lovvvvvvvvvvvve these too “Mike”

Max Ryan – (Sex And The City II) Doughnuts??? (Ok you are a hottie and from another country so we will let it slide J )

David Hasselhoff — Jelly Belly Jelly Beans

Elizabeth Berkley — Starburst

Al Roker – Smarties

Harry PaganCoss  Celebrity Chef – Candy Corn and Mary Janes – harry@harrybakes.com

Mary Kate Olsen — Tootsie Rolls (see below)

Diva Janet Hopkins of the New York Metropolitan Opera – A Tootsie Roll fan.

www.JanetEHopkins.com (No backtalk Tootsie Rolls are “Chocolate Flavored” not chocolate SO HUSH all you proof readers J )


7 Responses to “Happy Halloween”

  1. Renee said

    i loved root beer barrels and sweet tarts.

  2. Gary said

    I Love Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups

  3. Doug said

    Payday does not have chocolate in it, so Bill Clinton is categorized wrongly.

  4. Lorraine Roth said

    Almond Joy

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