Max Ryan Goes Back To Eden…What A Great Guy

October 29, 2009

Today there was a change in the weather…The heat didn’t quite  break, but something shifted… A reminder that while we can’t ignore that we are experiencing a time in history when it can appear that a great deal of humanity has been lost… We have in fact NOT lost our humanity and that very busy, talented and yes FAMOUS people do something remarkably selfless simply because they are caring, compassionate and good.

For anyone who has seen a play, acted in a play or been crazy enough to DIRECT  a play… You know what it takes to connect the dots and not create a power outage as you integrate sound, lights and egos!

I decided to take on a new work – Back To Eden, (Yuri Baranovsky) which looks at the random nature of the Universe against the  backdrop of a very dark and funny version of the story of Creation.  A little Adam, a little Eve and a dash of G-d (Who I decided to cast as a woman) and what do you get?   One hell of run!

I really do want to blog in detail about it when the process is completely over, but as we put the finishing touches on the production I have to thank Max Ryan.

Max is presently filming Sex And The City II where he plays the new uber fab/uber sexy boyfriend of sexual extrovert “Samantha” Kim Cattrell.

Putting my own spin on things I wanted to add a little star power to the piece and also create a looping voice over throughout the show from the King James version of the bible to continue to pit what “we” were taught and what audiences  will experience as they watch Eden.

Max Ryan – Sex and the City 2, Dark Moon Rising, Double Fault , The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen , The Hunchback took time out from a frantic schedule to tape several sound bytes.   Why?   Simple… He is one hell of a great guy



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