Holding Out For A Hero And I Found One

September 28, 2009

When Footloose the movie exploded onto the scene, I was “holding out for a hero” (and maybe I still am).  Last week the new season of Heroes was launched and as they continue to endeavor to “save the cheerleader and save the world…” I must admit after Season I – I have continued to watch, but until Ray Park it was out of respect for the past rather than the present and what I believed to be the future.

So after an ugly knock down drag out with a treadmill that seemed to have no idea WHO I WAS – One that beat my !@# down reminding me the “junk in my trunk” was well still junk…I was thrilled to answer a call of the wild and evoke my Wonder Twin powers transforming into the form of a Blogger to spend some “quality time” with my new SMNHHBFF or (Semi Mutant New Heroes Hottie Best Friend Forever) Ray Park.

Photo Source: Scoop.diamondgalleries


To begin, Ray is a man with amazing patience as it took THREE dropped calls to finally connect and get my “chat on” with G.I. Joe’s –Snake Eyes, X-Men’s Toad and did I mention that little known creation Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace and its even lesser known creator some George Lucas where he (Ray) played the Seth Lord Dath Maul – Ok let me say it again  – STAR WARS/GEORGE LUCAS… Kathump…yes the sound of yet another name being dropped!

Annnnnnnnnnnway, My Scottish Hottie was raised in the UK on fish and chips (I am making up the fish n chips part) and action films (that is a factoid).  “Thanks to Lucas I was able to follow a dream” – He told me with no hint of ego (25 uber fab points as we love the humble hotties the most!)

But I would be nothing of a Blogger and dare I say self proclaimed Pop Culture Guru if I did not dig for the truth beneath the truth (Ughhh!  Did I really write that?)  Anywwwwwwwayy… This guy can act; he is deliciously well spoken, intelligent and does not take himself too seriously – yet we have never seen his face… I admit, I expected to pull up his photo and be staring at some evolutionary misfit…Ah NOT THE CASE…

Hottie alert!!! So why has he been “hiding” for the past 10 years?   Ray certainly does not see it as hiding –“I worked with Lucas, I was given opportunity at 22 beyond my wildest dreams.  I am lucky to be asked to create exciting characters with depth and yes for decade that has taken form under masks and make-up.   Did I plan it that way?  No, but it has gotten me to today and with Heroes and several other projects in the works I am not about to be complainin’ –

This guy is off the charts on the FAB O METER!!!

Fearing yet another dropped call I began to wrap things up but every now and again even this Blogger can be caught off guard…

1. Taken?   Married (ok we can forgive)

2. Looking? (I had to ask…)

3.Boxers or briefs? (COMMANDO!!!)

What more could I possibly say other than…. WOW and thank you.  Actually, Ray was more than delightful with his dry wit and unwavering honesty.   Perhaps this season we still won’t save the cheerleader or the world, BUT, Ray Park has made me a Heroes fan once again!

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6 Responses to “Holding Out For A Hero And I Found One”

  1. Mika said

    As always, two thumbs up! Can’t wait to read more.

  2. For Ray Park I would hold out for that hero….

  3. Jules said

    Oh great! I love this guy… Ray is so…. sexy. 😀

  4. Renee said

    wow, he is a hottie. all those things you said about him…. of course, he has to be all that and a bag of salt and vinegar chips, he is after all G.I. Joe

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