Cassidy Lehrman – Entourage – A Tough Act to Follow

August 16, 2009

While I freely admit my ego is intact as I can look in the mirror and I am only marginally horrified by the guy looking back.  If you want to feel really “not young” REALLY fast…Watch, attend, read about – hell even discuss The Teen Choice Awards.   I have nothing against them, nothing against the Tweens, Teens and all points in between (kind of faboo in the name of word-play) but even if I took Botox intravenously, I would still have to face fact – I am not 17 any more.  So as I tweeted and sent off semi- random text on my oh – so fab u licious I Phone (that I had to sell my own mother to the gypsies and pay an early upgrade fee to have the honor of owning) I realized while I would not want to be 17 again… Cassidy Lehrman, my new HHANTLBFF or (Hip Happening and Now Technology Loving Best Friend Forever) of the HBO explosion Entourage – (Ari Gold’s (Jeremy Piven’s) daughter) – reminds me that 17 is pretty cool – And if she is any indication of what the new generation of “Tinsel Town” will be? Ladies and Gentleman she has set the bar mighty high as both an actress and all around human being.

It was clear from the moment we spoke that Cassidy’s success was no happy accident as she has her head squarely set on her petite shoulders and her sites set on longevity rather than “flash in the pan success”.


Here “bio” reads like one of her role on the Gilmore Girls

  1. Daughter to Hippee Parents
  2. Moved 17 times
  3. Studies Krav Maga (A form of Self Defense with Israeli roots)

And while she is a lovely young lady – She has already taken on the role of Journalist, Radio Host and Princess of the Universe (ok I added that one to make it a clean triplet) long before she would even consider being Prom Queen.  So when she decided at age 12 she wanted to be an Actress, it made sense to move the family to Los Angeles for Pilot Season as success was something Cassidy had taken on as both an art and science.

As the SELF proclaimed guru of all things Pop Culture, it is both my pleasure and my duty to know the 411 on my new BFF soooo I took great delight in sharing with her that her popularity rating according to the “powers that be” at IMBD was off the charts this week.  “Really?” was what I heard from the other end of the phone? Yuppers! 32% increase Bravo?  And what did she attest this to? And I quote… “hmmmm, dunno but really?”

I have to say with more than a single decade separating us in age I truly felt a connection to this spit fire and new HHANTLBFF (please refer to the above if you have forgotten).   When I asked her about her lack of ANY negative “buzz” her response was, well quite logical…”It’s just as easy to stay out of trouble as it is to get into to it…”   Ok I think we have found our next President.

So what is it like to be one of the hottest shows EVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVER?  Cassidy is not one to hold back… “Every time they call a wrap – I want to say – NOOOOO let’s keep going.  It is an amazing cast and crew a terrific script and I love every minute of it!”

With just a few more minutes together and a few more points to ponder we came to the “Wish List” – That moment when I double dog dare my “buddies” to step away from World Peace and a cure for all that plagues us and just be deliciously “selfish” (just for a moment RELAX!)

So Ms. Cassidy was more than willing to play along… What would she like?

  1. A Hover Craft (if ya’ don’t know look it up)
  2. I Phone 3-Gs (Yes! Slam Dunk)
  3. Smart Paper (Ok I did not know about this so I will help ya out –

And as for romance

  1. Single
  2. Looking
  3. Did I say looking?

Any young man would be very lucky and if I hear he is not treating her right…He will have to deal ME!

P.S.  Extra points to the guy who can drive a Hover Craft and knows a few things about  Smart Paper!

For for information please contact Michael Kaliski, Omniquest Media


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