Still the Same Great Kevin Sorbo

August 12, 2009

Just got these NEVER BEFORE SEEN photos of “Kev”.  You asked for them and here ya go!   Many thanks to my sources and to the unbelievably talented photographer

Ash Gupta

Kevin Sorbo_SK7Z7953 ash KevinSorbo_SK7Z6145


11 Responses to “Still the Same Great Kevin Sorbo”

  1. Renee said

    yummy, can someone please pass the whipped cream, chocholate sauce, and a cherry, make that cherries. yowzers he is so hot.

  2. Cynthia Armstrong said

    Fotos are ok, best pics in years. But could someone convince Kev to shave more often? Older guys should have proper shaved faces, otherwise they really look like they are trying hard to hide they are no longer 38 years old hunks…

  3. teresa said

    very nice photos kevin¡¡

  4. TiNa 993 said


  5. Maggie Spring said

    God bless him and his loved ones

  6. Millie said

    I wouldn’t change a thing about Kevin, Love the scruff look on him.He is the sexiest man alive. Love Kevin Sorbo.

  7. Tanya said

    I followed the link here from and I’m so glad that I did.

    Kevin Sorbo is absolutely PERFECT!! He doesn’t need to change a thing.

  8. mara said

    Kevin is like Hercules: beautiful inside, gorgeous outside!

  9. Baleegh said

    Hey Kevin, you are as smart as 10 years back, nice to see you doing good. You look pretty smart in the first pics. Good luck for your future. Peace.

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