Justin Chon Illuminates The Twilight

August 4, 2009

In my world which is made up of blogging, celebrity buzz, Celebrity Life Coaching and the Tinsle of “La La Land” and beyond…Sometimes something comes across my radar that reminds me I have the best job in the world!

…In the pop culture sci-fi, offbeat musical Little Shop of Horrors, the Urchins (e.g, the small Greek Chorus) open the show singing –“Alarm goes off at seven and your start up- town, putting the eight-hours like you always do..oo…oo…oo…oo…oo”

Well my days are not exactly your traditional eight-hours and half the time I don’t know uptown from downtown let alone cross-town… So it is safe to say it can feel less than normal and even like I am…  (Achem – Segue)… living in the “Twilight Zone”

Yes TwilightTwilight the book, the movie, Twilight the – Justin Chon talks to me…Twilight! One more time just in case you got all wrapped up in the very mention of it T W I  L I G H T!

Annnwayyyy…I caught Justin after what sounded like a very long, very intense day as he had just finished an audition for nothing less than one of Shakespear’s classics.   Obviously this young man has some serious acting chops to even be considered for such a role.  But clearly I am not the first to take note of his talent.


Insightful, introspective, humble and damn funny-Justin stood proudly by his days with Nickelodeon noting “not many of my fans may even remember me from that, but no matter it was fun and it is all part of the ride.”  He also noted that he had the worst luck with cell phones – of which I had no idea of what he was referring being that he only dropped my call three times.

Seriously, each time I interview a celeb I wonder just before we make the connection  what it will be like to delve into the life, love and all points in between? Justin made my job very easy as I felt like I was talking to an old friend.

Now while I am a HUGE fan, I freely admit I might not win every Twilight trivia contest knowing full well that those who are reading this have heard it, read it, seen it and know it from countless other interviews that dare I say “revist” much of the same material.

So my new BFF Justin or to be more exact my THWABHBFF or (Twilight Hottie With A Big Heart Best Friend Forever) yes the abbreviations are getting longer each time, was more than willing to leap over the fodder and cover some new territory.

First and foremost he is clearly a young man far beyond his 28 years, as he understands the path he has chosen is not an easy one and that in many ways he is paving the way for Korean Americans in the arts.   “I am not my parents generation and my kids will have even an easier time.  Right now the list of Korean American actors is a little short, but I know that will change and I hope in some small way I can be part of that change.”

It is nothing new in Tinsel town for celebs like Justin to show up at charity events to catch the publicity wave.  Instead, this guy does it quietly and for a cause many may not even be aware of.  Lupus, an autoimmune disease that nearly 80% of America has never heard of strikes women of child-bearing years (especially minority women) in numbers that are staggering.   Confusing the body, lupus leads to potential failure of all the vital organs as well as extreme joint pain and hypersensitivity to light.  Add to that our “lost boys” the 10 percent of men and young boys impacted by the disease and we have a big problem on our hands.

Justin to the rescue!  His support of the leading organization for lupus, the LRI (Lupus Research Institute) comes out of a desire to support a close friend who is living with the disease every day.   In our recent interview he shared that, “I care a lot about people who are suffering and when it hits close to home of course it makes me want to do even more. Lupus is certainly not one of those high profile diseases so even if I am only making a small difference, it is still a difference nonetheless.”

Now that is how the world needs to work!

Is he happy?  By all accounts and direct quotes “yes”.  Is this the last stop on a heck of a wild ride?  “ah no” (another direct quote)

When we did enter the “Twilight Zone” and discuss the movie’s phenomenal success- Chon was insightful as usual.  “Twilight has mass appeal because it speaks to universal truths…Life, love, loneliness and the ever magnetic pull of immortality.”  How does he feel about such a diverse fan base?  “I love my fans, they are considerate, gentle, caring and yeah it does nice things for the ego now and again…”  And who wouldn’t mind a little ego boost from time to time?

As the interview came to a close I was shocked to see nearly 30 minutes had passed.  Not only did it feel like no time at all, but in Justin’s whirlwind existence 30 minutes of HIS “downtime” is quite a precious gift.

With a promise for a “sequel” to this interview and a “stay cool bro” from Justin, it closed with just enough time left to confirm from the source

  1. Single
  2. Looking
  3. Employed

This guy is the Holy Grail ladies!

Thanks Justin you are truly a STAR…

NOTE:  That pic is a “never before seen”  YA saw it here folks so tell your friends to follow me @celebbuzzz


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      thanks so much spread the word to follow me @celebbuzzz on twiitter and joshua estrin on facebook Justin is a great guy and on my radar all the time happy to make new friends with Justin fans 🙂

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