In Support of Adrian Paul and Free Speech

August 4, 2009

Just a quick note to all the folks that make this blog such a huge success and especially to my new friends, who like me, deeply admire and respect Adrian Paul.  I have gotten many comments regarding his personal life and I have read them.  They each show a passion and compassion for this man and it is clear you care deeply

That being said, I would not get the support of celebs and their representative if I posted remarks that speak to very personal opinions about the personal lives of those who are gracious enough to speak with me.

Please keep posting remarks freely, but also understand I take great care and pride in keeping this a safe space, a fun space and space for truth

Thanks for understanding




7 Responses to “In Support of Adrian Paul and Free Speech”

  1. Mark said

    Thank’s man – that is cool!

    Still waiting for the second half of the interview though 😉

  2. Mika said

    I appreciate your work and can’t wait to hear more of your interview(s) with Adrian! But I can tell you for certain that those of us that are true fans and have been touched by his humanitarian work and acting career are bothered by the postings about his personal life because that one person makes us all look bad. I agree that everyone is entitled to free speech, but your informative and positive interview should not be marred by negative comments that have nothing to do with the subject at hand.

    • beeheard said

      I find it is a delicate balance – I really want to allow people to post freely – While I know you may feel this reflects poorly – I must say I think the opinion of one is just that and I have not gotten any feedback from anyone who thinks one voice speaks for all so your reputation is firmly intact



      • Mika said


        Just dropping by to say that I had my own chance to talk with Adrian on Thursday of this week and it was simply amazing and I’m still floating on MacCleod nine because he actually remembered me. Still waiting impatiently for your next installment, though. Keep of the great work!


      • beeheard said

        He is one heck of a guy and one heck of a busy guy….I am trying to get him for part 2

  3. anna saenz said

    Wake up Mika,
    According to you any other opinion that is not base on what you want to heard is negative or false, No one is perfect, we all have few faults & as nice Adrian may be he must have his own faults. There is a diference between being a fan & a fanatic & to me you sound more like a fanatic also just how can different people opinions makes you 0r other look bad? that’s all in oyur own mind. everyone leave an opinion with their own signature. He is a great person and humanitarian but he is NO God or Robert De Niro or Al Pacino, hello!!!!!!!!!!

  4. mimi said

    Adrian Paul in my opinion is that he is selfless, giving of his time and willingness to listen to others opinions and comments. If I were in his spot about who he is or is not seeing or having a child with is not for us to speculate. This is a very important time for he and his family. Let this guy enjoy this time. Congratulations AP. Love your work and your graciousness.

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