Adrian Paul – Highlander Hottie With A Purpose

July 28, 2009

Today, while I was waiting to buy my groceries and the same person that seems to follow me to each store only to take out her checkbook AFTER the entire purchase – (Which by the by consists of ONE PEACH) has been tabulated, bagged, double bagged, cradled , coddled discussed, disinfected and finally departed – It struck me…What would it do to my desire to be overly attentive to details (seen by others as acute OCD) if I missed a call from someone I had scheduled to interview and who was graciously giving of his/her time so all of us could live vicariously?

Now imagine on three separate occasions as I wait for the SINGLE peach to be purchased an unknown number comes up on my phone of which I smugly disregard thinking “I don’t take calls from blocked numbers…”

Now fast forward to the parking lot, I have shown my athleticism and raced AND beaten the 140 year old peach lady to our respective cars as I listen to my voicemail and hear…

“Hello – This is Adrian Paul and we HAD and interview scheduled…” AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH – Synaptic Frazzle, Moment of Melt Down, Hissy Fit on the Horizon…and breathe, think happy thoughts and breathe and DAMN those happy thoughts this is “Adrian Paul” Highlander Hottie and new BFF or HHAPBFF (Highlander Hottie And Producer Adrian Paul Best Friend Forever).


So besides EVERY female I know, may know, was meant to know or who knows of me (yes that includes my momma and she WILL take me down) If I had missed this opportunity heads would roll.  Well one head – MINE

Thankfully, Adrian is as gracias of spirit as he is handsome and called me later in the day.  Ok let me say that again simply to impress me. “So he called me back later in the day…”  STOP  – ego trip complete.

First, I have officially decided I want an accent, specifically a British accent.  I firmly believe a troll living under a bridge sounds faboo as long as he or she can speak with a side order of fish and chips (wrapped in newspaper of course).  Anywayyyyyyyyyyy

Adrian Paul – Talented, intelligent, A lister, Producer, and philanthropic in a way few today know how.

President and Founder of The PEACE Fund ( and best known for his six years as Duncan MacLeod in Highlander: The Series, Adrian has stayed busy since the show’s end in such genre fare as the series Tracker (in which he starred as well as co-produced) and a variety of movies – the most recent being the forthcoming Eyeborgs, The Heavy, Captain Drake and Nine Miles Down.

It was Adrian’s personal connection to Koh Phi Phi and his desire to help the residents of the area that re-launched The PEACE Fund with the PEACE in Paradise Project.

Can we say R E M A R K A B L E!   He admits that many in Tinsel Town use charitable work as fuel and fodder for the PR machine but this is far more personal to him and about “the people in need” not his need for public recognition.

I have been blessed with an amazing opportunity to speak with people everyday who allow us the means by which to escape a world seemingly in transition if not turmoil and then we meet Adrian who has taken the concept of “giving back” to new heights with a career that is proof that talent plus good karma are a remarkable and reliable formula for success.

Adrian you are the change and we are better for it and for “knowing” you.


60 Responses to “Adrian Paul – Highlander Hottie With A Purpose”

  1. Rileah said

    Thank you for sharing!

    Having met Adrian several times, I know well that feeling of “remarkable.” :>)

    Was there more to the interview?


    • beeheard said

      Thanks so much for being a fan and yes there was more but i try to keep it short with a part 2 if people want to hear more…Who else would you like to hear from and about

      Join me on facebook friend me under joshua estrin

  2. Anna said

    Part 2, please! I love that he tracked YOU down. You are a hot commodity, yourself, mister.

  3. Renee Shifrin said

    WOW! Adrian Paul, what an amazingly handsome with the deep eyes and foreign accent I feign over.

    But, how nice to know, that there is so much more to the man than just his good looks, accent, and talents. This is a man that has decided to step outside of himself, to help others, for no other reason, then for the sake of helping them and being the difference that makes the difference. It is refreshing and wonderful to see people of power and wealth, use those for the good of others, and for the postive affects on their fellow human being.

    I am an even bigger fan of Adrian now, but not for his work on screen, but rather his work off screen. I say BRAVO to Adrian and to you Josh for a great and informative article. A great read, and I will pass this article on to friends and family.

  4. Mika said

    Thanks for sharing your story! I’d love to hear more. I had the distinct pleasure of meeting Adrian this year (hopefully not the last time) and I can attest, he is a breath of fresh air.

  5. sheryl said

    Thanks for the interview. For more information on Adrian please visit:

  6. Diane said

    Loved your article. Waiting inpatiently for part 2.

  7. Brenda said

    More please!

  8. Luz Ball said

    Thanks for sharing.

    Love his humanitarian and screen work.



  9. beeheard said

    thanks so much!

  10. Frances said

    I think you have Adrian mixed up with someone else as he has been with the same girlfriend for the past 9 years and her name is not Roxanna.

    • victor said

      All you AP Fans need to keep an open mind, specialy to the real events in AP life & you guys may not know everything because you go to all his conferences & etc. Other people may know something too & probably the real true, so frances keep an open mind, he is intitle to celebrity face & a real life behind the celebrity fake face that he portrait with so call girlfriend alexandra which it’s not true it all, it’s all for you close mind it fans & almost innonces fans. He is an awesome actor, great person & giving humanitarian guy but Alexandra is not even a little bit close to what he really have with a real woman of more of his level. you’ll all will see when the real truth cames out & I’ll be I told you so. I know this by first hand knowledge not by what others want me to believe or what it’s portrait in front of me, hello wake up!!!!
      This is my freedom of speech right & my right to share the real truth.

      • Penny said

        Please..just stop this nonsense! It’s unbecoming and no one wants to hear it! Stop It!!!!!

      • beeheard said

        Let’s all just enjoy and delight in his talent and leave the debates on his personal life well personal…I figure when he wants us to know he will tell us….Yes? Agree?

      • Nicole Talon said

        ok You need to learn to spell and about good grammar before getting attitude and Yes Adrian Paul is an amazing actor as well as the most amazing Man I’ve set My eyes on looks wise…and there is no way He could possibly not have a personality to match with those soulful eyes and his old soul…and as to what his girl friend’s name is or isn’t or whether he has one or not…you people need to get back to whats important here…he is just awesome period…and he does so much for so many in need…and those of you that have had the honor and privilege to be graced with his presence…I bow to you xoxoxo I’m not sure I’d survive looking into those eyes up close and personal lol…anyhow God Bless You Adrian Paul and God be with you in all you do

  11. Mark said

    I think it is ridiculous to post untruths about Adrian’s private life here

    • beeheard said

      I try my best to work through the truth, half truth etc

      Thank you for your help

    • victor said

      This is America & anyone can express themselves however they like & no one is been disrespectful. If you haven’t heard the real news about who he really see & have a real relationship it’s your lost but you are very well behing the whole truth & it’s not just Roxanna or just anyone,ok. It’s HIH. Princess Roxanna Pahlavi. have anyone wonder what she thinks? Neither one of them, Him or her, they have not denied it & remember This is america, the land of the free.!!!!!!!!!………..

  12. Ms.M said

    Thanks for that picture. ‘Nuff said.

  13. Haggie said

    Love the interview, when will the next one be.

    Check out Adrian’s Official site

    • beeheard said

      Thanks so much. I spoke to him yesterday and he hopes to circle back around next week
      Please tell your friends to keep an eye out here daily and also follow me on twitter

      you can also find me on facebook and I love new friends (lots of them) under

      joshua estrin

  14. Frances said

    So if you want to give yourself some credibility Victor, why don’t you tell us how you know so much about Adrian’s personal life, and how he has managed to keep it so secret and yet you know about it?

  15. Joy M. said

    Great Photos. . .
    Surprised to see your humanitarian work with children
    in many countries… keep up the good work.
    Website … professionally well done!
    May you be blessed with many more shows to come…..

  16. Nicole Talon said

    OK honestly all of you put way too much weight in what others say about him and many others…me personally…until I hear or see it for myself I don’t believe it…anyhow again…who he does or doesn’t see…is HIS business and you all should be looking at him for the amazing actor..human being and humanitarian he is. And these forums were people bicker…bitch and argue over someone Else’s life is pathetic.

  17. sheryl said

    I have entered Adrian Paul’s charity into the America’s Giving Challenge. Help us Win
    up to $50,000

    For the second year now, Parade Magazine, in partnership with Causes and the Case Foundation, are hosting America’s Giving Challenge, a competition that rewards nonprofits for mobilizing their networks. The competition will run for one month, and already activity is exploding as projects pursue the prize.

    The structure of the competition is designed to fully leverage the prize money to generate more resources for nonprofits. “Winning” means having the most number of unique donations, rather than generating the most resources. For example, a scrappy student led nonprofit that got 1,000 of their friends to donate $10 each would be doing better in this contest than a big nonprofit that got 5 $5,000 donations.

    Each day, the organization that has the most number of unique donations for that day can win $1,000 (or $500 for second place). At the end of the month, the top three organizations in terms of generating resources we will win $50,000, $25,000 and $10,000 respectively.

  18. Hi I’m Crystal I wood like to help you all if i can
    If you all want me to help . I like the Highlander
    I been see it when I was 3 year old the Highlander

  19. rita freire said

    pode me mandar materia em portugues

  20. Hi Adrian Paul I wood like to say to you . look up to you as the Highlander But to let you know I go to college for rinding . Did a hisotery about you I look up a lot take about you I hope one day i will go to NYC to go to college for what you do you have
    help me out when you did not know it so TY for being the bast Highlander you will do a good job being a new Dad

    From A Good Friend

  21. Hi its me Crystal TY for that tell Adrian Paul . He
    is good at the Peace fund. It makes me happy to see that He is helping kids out a lot .How is can do the
    camuer and be the Highander at all of the some time
    I just want to know . thats why i want go to College for . Talk to you all late .

  22. Hi Adrien Paul how are you doing and how is your new
    baby comming a log its cool you are having a girl

    From a good friend : Crystal c Rickenbaugh

  23. Chloe said

    The dubai saga has taken my hope from the market away. The market was just recovering when it was killed by Dubai and now it seams Greece is falling apart.

  24. Im sorry for not getting back with you all . I know that feeling as well i have a baby girl as well she is going to be 7 soon i love a lot im her mom if some thing when’t bad i wood be there in a 1 seck as mom its a good job for me i was like one of the kids what Adrian Paul how help a lot im 20 going to be 21 soon i’m beening happy now

  25. well i’m back now so how are you doing Adrian Paul
    i’m sorry for not being on for a log time well hope you all will have fun on the holldsays talk to you all son

  26. hi its me Crystal how are you all doing I hope you all are doing good tell Adrian Paul I say hi as well

  27. Frances said

    Looking forward to the interview with Adrian Paul. I’m sure he will want to let us know what new projects he is working on and also share a little bit about how it feels to be a new Dad!

  28. how is Adrian doing okay wood like to know how i can help with the Peace Fund. I wood like to help out if i can

  29. Thanks for sharing your extremely good expert articles online with me.

  30. I usually don’t write comments on posts, but your post encouraged me to praise your writings. Thank you for the read, I will surely bookmark your blog and come back every now and then. Happy blogging.

  31. how are you doing Adrian Paul how is your baby girl doing
    im sohappy for you and your famanly and the new baby

  32. hay how is the peace fund going a log i hope its doing
    good i was just like them at one time in my life that .i know how it feels like . i all want to help the best way i can just let them know its going to be okay. Adrian you the best man i know from Highlander.
    i am happy for you being a new dad so if you need my help just ask for it . i will do my best to help with peace fund .

  33. hi its me Crystal and wood like to say im getting all my friends and going work up the $$$ to stend to
    thePeace fund help out with the kids and the babys as well im going to talk with my friend about it so when we get the $$ up for the peace fund i will let you all know

  34. On March 16 Adrian Paul’s Peace Fund was chosen a
    finalist in “Show Us Your Goodness” charity contest sponsored by Canada’s Snack Alliance.

    Please help us win up to $20K so we can dedicate this to victims of the Haiti earthquake. We are currently in 4th Place.
    Peace Fund is #29 on the list

  35. Hi you all hay Adrian Paul birthday is coming soon he is New dad and he is going to 51 years old on May . 29 ,2010 tell him that sald happy birthday to him

  36. do it said

    Thanks pal. Great submissions you got here. Have some more sites to link to which have a bit more information?

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