VHI, Sullee, Busta Rhymes and Me

July 26, 2009

Ooh – She may be “Forever My Girl”  but Paula Abdul  is livin’ in the grey space between “love ya or hate you” .  While this will never be a place for “Celebrity Smack” as my dear friend “Spicy Pants” does that and does it well, I would be remiss if I did not give voice to differing opinions.


Soooooo when my HHANBFF or (Hip Happening And Now Best Friend Forever Ever) Sulle of VH1’s The White Rapper Show gave me the ol’ “shout out” I felt an overwhelming need to first congratulate him on his debut album release  as well as his current hit  “Sippin” featuring Busta Rhymes.  Yes that was Sulle, VHI and Busta all in my sandbox…Life is good.

Sulle kept it real and real direct when he shared with me that,

“I think American Idol could be hosted by a parrot and it wouldn’t hurt viewership, but I don’t blame Paula for holding out – the networks clean up on reality shows!  She should guest star or co-host Terrell Owen’s new show on VH1 in the meantime and hold for more bucks.”


Recording artist Sullee is best known for his part in VH1’s infamous “Ego Trips: The White Rapper Show,” when he walked away from the cash and the show in defense of his music.  A man with morals and spine BRAVO!

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3 Responses to “VHI, Sullee, Busta Rhymes and Me”

  1. Jacob said

    I agree! Sullee is the man!!

    • beeheard said

      Gotta agree he seems ready to take the world by storm…

      friend me on face book for more updates under Joshua Estrin

  2. Kang said

    Speak that truth Sullee! It’s not always about $$$$$ but if theyre making much bank then she should be too

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