Max Ryan – Enough Said

July 24, 2009

Type, type, type – power outage, type, type SAVE work, power outage but who cares…Besides, discovering that writing goes far more smoothly when I save my work, I am also thrilled to be “coming to you” via my new Mac Book Pro… Which I will say nothing more about unless of course THOSE FOLKS at THAT COMPANY would like me to be their fabulicious new sponsor.


Two words – Max Ryan… One more word BFF (is that a word?)  Not only is Max a hell of nice guy he is also by all accounts a major hottie so to be ethical in my journalistic endeavors, he is more accurately my NMHBFF or (New Major Hottie Best Friend Forever)… Of course one would think that this would suffice and Max can now feel as if he has come full circle and his life is complete, but this is a man with goals and aspirations far beyond simply basking in the after glow of my anonymity.

First and foremost his list of accomplishments are far too long so please visit this guy or at least his resume at IMBD

Max first came across my radar in League of Extraordinary Gentleman (of which he is one), and later in Death Race where it became clear he was an “Adrenaline Junky”… With Dark Moon Rising and Double Fault in production and post production, this A Lister has a proclivity for the “D” movies…

…”Ready for a killer ride!” the tag line for Death Race could almost be prophetic as this man is a star on the rise.

So being the shy guy that I am (NOT) I had so many earth shattering questions to wow and amaze him with…First and foremost of course I wanted to know what is was like being a hottie (I know so shallow) yet sooooo necessary.

Max is a wonderfully insightful, humble and intelligent man with an edgy sense of humor that is not only endearing but clearly one of the many reasons he is quickly moving up the Hollywood food chain.

With no negative buzz that I could find (and believe me I looked, called, tweeted and …) his “need for speed” has obviously been kept in check as he builds the “Ryan Brand”.   One fan asked – “Why don’t we hear more about this guy?”   Good question and good answer… Max explains he is figuring things out on this side of pond and realizes he has a job to do off and on the set…”I need to be just as focused on promoting my projects and I think I have an amazing team behind me to make it happen”

Did you know about the Bond buzz?   Seems Max has a huge fan base, industry executives included that think he just might make a faboo 007…Would he do it?  Ah that would be a “yes” a big ol’ heapin, steamin portion of “YES”…

Needing to get back to the set Max did admit that although he would not change his life for anything and feels truly blessed…  He does realize that while he is not complaining –“Most people can phone in sick to work but my job is zero to hero no turning back.  You hit the set running and you don’t look back…”

This is a guy with a good head on his shoulders (and my lady friends confirm it is truly sweeeeeeeeeet!)

I can’t sing his praise enough…Talented, handsome, humble, focused, funny and best of all he called me…Ok now let me say that again…HE CALLED ME…Perhaps he secretly is overwhelmed by my nearly famous status and hopes some of well me will rub off on him?

Max –FYI don’t hate the player…hate the game you are all that and a bag of low fat chips and I can’t wait to see the gazillion projects poised and ready to catapult you into the stratosphere…The invitation to Thanksgiving holds and please call me the next time you get a damn pimple and cut yourself shaving.

P.S.  I have never interviewed anyone who I could quote as saying “Beauty comes from within and good hygiene is a monthly thing” – Deep and well kinda gross at the same time.  What a guy!

Visit Max on Twitter at @MrMaxRyan and here is another photo ladies and…


2 Responses to “Max Ryan – Enough Said”

  1. Anthony said

    Nice light touch.

  2. Stacy said

    Who can dispute the fact that he is beyond a hottie. I wish him all the best in his future projects, I’m sure he will be more successful than he even imagines.

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