Paula Abdul – Forever Our Girl?

July 21, 2009

I admit without hesitation or remorse – I am an American Idol Fan.   Do I wade through the muck to get to the top 20?  Of course I do even though I find the auditions with rare exception borrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrring – BUT if American Idol had been around when I was young, perhaps I would not have played with the Barbie Dream House and life as I know it may have been a complete 180 degrees.

Although I know my personal life is overwhelmingly intriguing let’s move to the topic at hand.   “Cold Hearted Snake” or “Forever (our) Girl”?  Is Miss Paula really leaving Idol?

Photo: Andrew Macpherson


Let’s look at the facts:

1. She has a huge fan base

2. She has a huge fan base

3. She has a huge fan base

Moving on…

4. She just hired a new Manager, David Sonenberg who told The Los Angeles Times – “Very sadly, it does not appear that she’s going to be back on ‘Idol,'”

5. She just hired a new Manager

6. She just hired a new Manager…  Seems coincidental that on the cusp of contract negotiations and a new season a NEW MANAGER might want to play the hero???  I tried to contact David and he was “not taking any calls…”

So the question begs…We know the “show will go on” but will it go on with Paula Abdul? More importantly what might her absence do to the Idol machine? 

Let me first say, (since this is my damn blog and I can) Paula has taken a great deal of heat for all kinds of things.   Rumors regarding prescription drug abuse along with improper behavior (did you see that guy?)  have plagued her and yet she still seems to rise above it all.  

Of interest, many sources say she may be suffering for an auto immune disease called lupus, a genetic disorder that basically turns the body against herself.  If this is in fact the case, it would explain many things including her often bloated appearance and sometimes random comments as the drugs used to treat this disease are quite strong with many side effects.

That being said we have a contract to deal with and so I needed a new BFF- Enter Anthony M. Verna III Partner with Weiss Imbesi PLLC in the Big Ol’ Apple… and we get a little bit of legal clarity (“legal” – “clarity” is that like “military” “intelligence”) ?   Anyyyyyyyyyyy wayyyyyyyyyyy – “Tony” practices Intellectual Property and Entertainment Law and had this to say … ”

 “…As for the contract issue?  We do know that Randy Jackson is tied in for a few years, that there was a new female judge this year, and that Simon Cowell is getting more and more money from the “Idol” machine as the days go on.  But Cowell is the number one cog in the engine.  And three judges worked so well for so long, right?  So it seems as if Paula Abdul is the odd person out”

 But like the day is long. I was flooded with opinions –

 Cynthia Colby pulled no punches … “Oh yes I am an Idol fan – in fact I am going to see the American Idol concert in Hamilton Ontario on August 14th.”

 A national radio news anchor, she remembers  how hard it was to get recognized, and applauds American and Canadian Idols for giving young people a chance.

 “For me, Paula actually distracts from the show. I’d like to see her replaced.”  She added.

 My sources at E! and Extra tell me that as of only a few days ago Ryan Seacrest did not think Paula was going anywhere which leaves us right back where we started.  WAITING.

Paula I adore you, but please stop with the jewelry and focus on the task at hand.

 1. Call me

2. Call me

3. Call me

 4. Sign the damn contract


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