Jacob Young JR Chandler on All My Children – More Than Just A Pretty Face

July 15, 2009

When I woke up this morning in a cold sweat it struck me as odd since I am not a moist person.  But when I turned on the light and remained in the dark, I realized – “oh joy, oh rapture unforeseen…” The power was out.  Being the quick study that I am, I also surmised that the air-conditioner was down as well, and despite it all – my cat – Angel (he is not) felt and overwhelming need to lay across my now sweaty, rancid mess of a neck.

But with a buzz, whir and click – A mere two hours later my house was cool and the cat was nowhere to be found.   This correction now gave me ample light to notice that my pool was still under construction and the “tile specialist” was yet again nowhere to be found.

Now all this macho, butch “shop talk” is not for nuttin’ – We call it a segue way folks…You see when my very new EHNBFF (Extremely Handsome New Best Friend Forever)  Jacob Young, better known as JR Chandler on All My Children agreed to be a guest blogger I thought fabooooooo, not only is he talented, but he can offer some insight into the world of daytime drama and the shows we all watch, but few are brave enough to admit how much we actually enjoy them. 

So it made perfect sense when I got his post and it was focused on home improvement and his newest project – eHomeNeeds (www.eHomeNeeds.com). 

Emmy Award-winning American actor, singer and producer.  Cast in shows such as The Bold and the Beautiful as well as General Hospital, Jacob has also starred in Disney’s Beauty and the Beast on Broadway and guest stared in the critically acclaimed film, The Girl Next Door.  

jacob pic

Annoyingly handsome, undeniably good-looking –  Swing that hammer Jacob, just don’t mess up that perfect hair or get anything in those baby blues…Me bitter?  Hell Yes!

Honestly, what a refreshing 180 degrees…A guy who could do just about anything who seeing and unmet need, decided to fill it.  So without further adieu my best buddy, bro, BFF, long-time friend, mentor, Master of the Universe….Jacob Young.

 …I’ve now been a star on All My Children since 2003. I love my job; who wouldn’t love my job?

The job’s not all glamour. I’m often spending quite a bit of time shooting episodes, which leaves me little time at home. Recently, my house needed some repairs, and I needed a contractor. When I tried to find one, I couldn’t find anyone that was qualified in my area. How do you know that the contractor that you’re hiring is going to actually get the job done for you, and how do you know that the contractor isn’t ripping you off?

Times are tough for everyone these days. We’re all looking to save where we can. Getting a number of contractors to bid on a job is critical, and you need to have some insight into their background.

That’s how eHomeNeeds was born — a website that brings contractors to you. The site lets you find contractors in your area, then have them bid on specific jobs, and you can review their past work in reviews as well — all in one place. But wait, there’s more…

Get The Best In Home Repair
eHomeNeeds.com provides homeowners with:

– A directory of service providers

– A way to find contractors by zip code

– Easy access to multiple contractors that are bidding on their jobs
– An easy process for evaluating contractors by customer reviews

– An avenue for homeowners to begin communicating with contractors

eHomeNeeds provides contractors with:

– Free leads on jobs

– A way to showcase their work using video and photographs
– Personalized contractor web pages
– Networking opportunities with other contractors
– Links back to their personal websites
– A Refer a Contractor program

I don’t need to be the star on this site — I just want to help others save money and find the best work for their needs. My team did bring some of the best in the industry onto the site that could help provide readers with great design — and interesting ideas. So, we got Krista.

Interior designer and HGTV television personality Krista Watterworth is also blogging on the eHomeNeeds website, providing commentary and photographs of recent celebrity renovations. Her practical advice and examples of successful home improvements should help inspire readers’ efforts and entertain.
eHomeNeeds is more than a service directory. The site contains Green Advantage features in which both contractors and customers can connect for eco-friendly specifications on materials and methods.

It’s green. We have Krista. We have directories of contractors and ways to help you save and get the most for your money.

We’re getting there. Be sure to check us out and get your contractors at <http://www.ehomeneeds.com/&gt; http://www.eHomeNeeds.com. You’ll be happy that you did.


Thanks Jacob now go take a BAD photo pleasssssssssssssssssssse!


2 Responses to “Jacob Young JR Chandler on All My Children – More Than Just A Pretty Face”

  1. Anthony said

    If I actually owned a home, I’d take advantage of the service Jacob talks about — it seems like a really great project. Someday …

    Meantime, I need to go dig out Jacob’s cd and listen to it again. I know I still have it, and I know I liked it when I listened to it umpteen-gazillion times after I bought it.

  2. Todd said

    Jacob’s one innovative guy. Now if only if he could convince Erica Kane to use the site to rebuild Linden House. Her apartment at the casino does not suit her at all…


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