Potter’s Fodder:Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

July 14, 2009

Ok, I admit it – I am not a Harry Potter fan.  I respect the Potter craze, I have read several of the books and I have seem the movies, but it feels like the whole Twilight “trauma drama”.  Adaptations originally written for young adults that are cashing in on the rest of us with cool special effects and a few “adult” over-tones.

 So G-d is punishing me for admitting this as the Botox hurt like hell today, but as the “potion” filled my veins I had to wonder (in between whining) What is it about this latest Potter that seems to have the cast hexed?   

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Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince,  has not had the best good karma track record from flu to a quick peek at a “hoo hoo”  the movie will of course break all box office records but not before it takes its toll on cast and crew.   Does this series of events bring me any joy, of course not?  Does it have anything to do with the dead chicken and incense I have been burning? NO COMMENT.

But I must admit that secretly I do wish a dear friend Sir Ian McKellen would find his way into this world of these wizards.   During a quick call across the pond he told me “If I am still functioning and working well I would consider doing it”  Yippee, hoorah and thank you Sir Ian for sharing even a few words with me.  After all I drove you all over Miami as your private tour guide and I adored every minute of it.

But enough of my musings…I have made some new, very faboo friends at DM Public Relations.    They not only know the buzz they make it happen.  Amanda Meglio & Nicole Sciacca were nice enough to share some thoughts with me and they were so good I am giving them all of my sandbox to play in. Take it away ladies

…After putting most of Tinsel Town to rest last week, pigs certainly did fly – across the pond to London, plaguing Harry Potter actor, Rupert Grint, with a touch of the swine flu. But, that still didn’t stop Grint from getting inebriated at the Harry Potter premier in London. We only hope Grint is aware that antibiotics tend to stop working when combined with alcohol. Words of advice: wear a mask.

Were these wizards playing with a Ouija board and forget to flip the thing over and wave good bye? The Potter crew is still working off some raunchy luck. Let’s face it, the Wizard of Oz can’t even send this bunch packing down a yellow brick road.

And get a whiff of this, co-pot head, Jamie Waylet, who plays Vincent Crabbe, was arrested for growing some fancy herb at his mother’s swanky London pad.  Perhaps it wasn’t the munchies he was craving, instead some attention.  We only wonder if ‘mum’ appreciates his ‘love-laced’ efforts.

The hex saga still continues for these ‘Potter Heads’. While strolling the red carpet at the latest Harry Potter movie premier in London, photos zoomed in on what could have been a ‘hairy’ mess for Emma Watson, but luckily she did not pull a Britney, a Paris, a Khloe, or Potter co-star Daniel Radcliffe, who really gave his ‘Regards to Broadway’ when he bared it all a few summers ago. Thank goodness this English lady was wearing her knickers.

For the record, they couldn’t defeat Lord Voldemort on this side of the realm. These Harry Potter enchanters should have stayed on the train in Hogwarts 

Amanda Meglio & Nicole Sciacca
DM Public Relations



7 Responses to “Potter’s Fodder:Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince”

  1. Christopher P said

    This article put me in a good mood. Fantastic verbiage and excellent material. Kudos to the two lovely ladies that wrote it.

    Keep up the good work!

  2. Marie P said

    Enchanting to say the least.
    Loved the article – Work well done!

  3. Cathy said

    Emma Watson handled her “slip” well on Letterman, saying at least she had underwear on- very good wordplay and writing in this blog. I enjoyed looking at the Potter crew from a different angle!

  4. James said

    Very well put together .. to the point and keeps the attention of the reader at the same time. Great job ladies !

  5. James N said

    Very well put together .. to the point and keeps the attention of the reader at the same time. Great job ladies !

  6. June Fennell said

    Although I am not a Harry Potter fan, I enjoyed this article very much. I, truly, loved the comments about the Ouija board and Pulling a Britney, as well as the play on words with Potter Heads and Hairy Mess, etc.
    I believe good writing is proven when one is able to familiarize me, in addition to, keeping my interest with someone/something I know nothing about.

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