Paris (Hilton) Is Burning. Or Is She?

July 12, 2009

As you know, the celebrity sphere intrigues me and I have had MY 15 minutes of fame… So I enjoy the people I have met, the people who are willing to share with me and those who continue to take the fiery darts and remain standing.


Case in point – Ms. Paris Hilton.   Love her or hate her she refuses to be taken down as she could certainly focus on spending the Hilton fortune rather than trying to make an honest buck.

Today I had the opportunity to speak with her very briefly

Source: Official Paris Hilton Blog

in Miami as she answers to claims of not honoring a contract to promote the release of her DVD.  At 28 she has had her fair share of drama and indeed much may be self-created, but in my brief discussion with her today she had on request.   “When you write about me be nice”.   Yes, it was a brief “encounter” but her intentions seemed sincere and in reality what reason do I have to be anything but nice?   What has she done to me?   Do I enjoy her new reality show?   Hmm… it might be kinda cool in a sick sorta way to be her BFF as MTV promises on My New BFF.   Admit it, drama queen or debutante, actress or B-lister, life would not be dull riding on the coat tails of Paris.

Now when I spoke to a few true BFF s with celebrity status not all were so loving and supportive, but I have created this “blog o niche” for people to have their say so when Writer, Director, Artist and brother to the Queen of the Universe – Madonna, Christopher Ciccone answered my call to action he had his say and kept it real.

Keepin’ it real is also something I respect so….I give you “Chris”

Source: : Living TV


 “Paris Hilton’s dispute over promotion of her recent foray into film appearances is no doubt meant to promote the project she did not want to promote.  She will in time prevail,  but  that won’ t change the fact that locating her acting ability is akin to searching for water on the moon – Highly unlikely and useless even if you could.”  —Christopher Cicccone — Writer, Director, Artist

That being said, I personally want to thank Ms. Hilton for taking time to speak with me and wish her all that is good.  FYI Paris, I look like crap in bathing suit but I would love to be your new BFF.  And “Chris”  You da man!


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