Megan Fox A Transforming Audition

July 10, 2009

My BFF and Hollywood Reporter Carl DiOrio had some “Transforming news from  Los Angeles – It seems “Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen” on Tuesday became the first film of the year to gross more than $300 million at the domestic box office. Yippee!  Yawn…

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But, as is usually the case, some of the buzz behind the buzz is – well intriguing to say the least… And if you can’t believe Page Six of the New York Post, who and what can you believe…?  Sources close to me “double dog dare anyone to prove them differently” when discussing a very unique audition by Transformers star – Megan Fox – “She went to director Michael Bay‘s house to audition for the part and “He made her wash his Ferrari while he filmed her.”  

Having seen “Transformers” it makes total sense to me as Megan had to deal with a lot of metal so I am sure “Mike” just wanted to make be confident she could connect with what were to be her co-stars.

Serious moment and get ya’ mind out of the gutter…But to what lengths do the toasts and toasted of Tinsel Town go to land a part?   The casting couch bores me…How 80’s!   But these wild tales seem to be popping up all over.   Call me crazy (and many do) but they call it ACTING for a reason!

Now here is where I think the “story” really gets interesting and this post takes a turn in a direction I was not expecting.  I was reaching around, back, up, down and any other direction I could consider to get some input on this angle of what a “girls” gotta do to get a job and hopefully stroll the Red Carpet. Or at the very least, score a trendy swag… When up pops Brandon Mendelson my new STBFBFF (Soon To Be Famous Best Friend Forever).  Brandon is a lot of things and one of those is a man with a keen eye on what it takes to get the job done.  As an Actor, he readily admits that while keeping it legal, he would wash, mow, scrub, stand on one leg etc. to land a part and he would do so because…

 “I know the potential payoff is worth it. And even if the payoff isn’t, I have a great story and (if the film sucks) at least some production credits to my name. That’s more than most.”

 I can’t say I agree 100% percent with Brandon, but with nearly one hundred thousand people following him on Twitter and no credits to his name (other than being my STBFBFF) he is doing something right.   

So the question still is an open one.  To what lengths should Actors go to land a part?  It is a business and Corporate America kisses… all the time so why not?  Thoughts?

 Thanks Brandon — Everything you need to lead through social publishing, soap box included.

 And by the by…Brandon could use a break so look him up (you know who are and you know you always need fresh new talent)


4 Responses to “Megan Fox A Transforming Audition”

  1. joise said

    i wish i had a bf like u

  2. beeheard said

    like who? One point for me or for Brandon?


  3. dailydialogues said

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