Miss P Has Her Say – Yeah It’s Mimi From The Drew Carey Show

July 7, 2009

Today I am sweating like a —– in church.   Oh my that’s not blog friendly!   Rewind –  “I am not an M & M and I am melting in my hands, your hands and a small puddle of “me” is forming around my ankles.”  This if course is all happening on the very same day that they started work on my pool – Water drained, I sit looking at a gaping hole that reminds me vaguely of splashing around as a lonely  “awkie” (not so new slang for awkward) does when his pool is not a dried up mess waiting to be brought back to life.

 But relief comes not in a run through the sprinkler or from a cold lemonade, but rather from a new BFFF (Best Funny Friend Forever) Kathy Kinney AKA Mrs. P AKA —MIMI FROM THR DREW CAREY SHOW!!!

 Sorry I got a little carried away there but it’s MIMI FROM THE DREW CAREY SHOW!!!  The most remarkable thing about today was Kathy hit the bulls eye…I created this blog not only to explore the lighter side of celebrity but to give our celebs a safe place to play, to be real and to allow us to see who they really are…


 Kathy Kinney achieved international fame playing Mimi Bobeck on “The Drew Carey Show” for nine years. (Kathy is the only member of the Mrs P team who has had a doll manufactured in her image.) Before playing Mimi, Kathy had guest starring roles on “Seinfeld” and “Grace Under Fire,” as well as portraying Miss Goddard, the town librarian, on “Newhart.” She also appeared in the films “This Boy’s Life” and “Stanley and Iris,” among others. She currently can be seen in recurring roles on “My Name is Earl” and “The Secret Life of the American Teenager”. She lives in Los Angeles, enjoys traveling, puttering and books.real kathy

 I love a good putterer…

 Here’s what she is up to – Thank you Kathy!!!

 Sometimes I wonder if the imagination is like any other part of the body: If you don’t use it, will it waste away?  I wonder if there will ever be a generation of people who look at clouds and only see clouds.   Or who look at a Rorschach test and say, “Oh, that’s a big blob of ink.” I hope not.  I have an overactive imagination and wouldn’t trade it for the world.  I like waking up in the middle of the night and seeing a rotting corpse where, in the light of day, an old comforter was innocently tossed.  Or admiring a friend’s adorable new baby when all of a sudden she sprouts fangs, fur and claws and transforms into “Cat-Baby.”


I developed my imagination by reading and having people read to me.  Reading makes you picture things in your head.  Movies, TV and video games show you everything so you don’t have to use your imagination.  In my new website, http://www.MrsP.com, I play Mrs. P, who reads classic stories to kids.  There are no special effects or animation just an occasional illustration and a really, really great story.  The kid creates her or his own special effects – and trust me, having spoken to some of these kids, what they’re imagining makes the CGI effects in Hollywood look really boring and amateurish.


I like to think my website is revolutionary not because it raises the bar in kids’ entertainment and offers the latest holographic, 3D animated, hyper-real virtual world – but because it removes the bar entirely and lets the kids become the creative force.  Oh, and it’s free.  No charge for a child using their imagination and no charge for my website.  In these tough economic times http://www.MrsP.com might be the best bargain around.  And if just one child wakes up in the middle of the night and sees a rotting corpse where his blanket used to be, I shall consider my website a complete success.





2 Responses to “Miss P Has Her Say – Yeah It’s Mimi From The Drew Carey Show”

  1. sandra407 said

    Hi! I was surfing and found your blog post… nice! I love your blog. 🙂 Cheers! Sandra. R.

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