A Letter to the Man In The Mirror – Michael Jackson

July 6, 2009

I know, I know enough about Michael Jackson.  But no matter what your personal opinion, we have lost a musical genius and for that we must allow for good people to have a say.   I was discussing the topic with a friend – Young Cartoon! Don’t know him?  You should

With a hit single already on the rise and an extensive musical background, there is no denying that this young artist already has the right path paved in front of him and that long road doesn’t seem so long anymore. His mindset is definitely focused and headed in the right direction. I introduce you to the lyrically animated, Cartoon — Zenn 24 Hour Hip Hop Magazine

(Why can’t I have a cool name like that?) and his voice and his words are authentic.  I feel he deserves a place to be heard and so since this is MY playground I can make the rules 🙂

Despite all the coverage of this planet’s loss being on every major media outlet, I am going to be yet another contributor.  This is my way of returning the favor.  MJ was the contributor to my hunger for perfection and success, to my energy for delivering a great show and to the undying goal to move the masses.

 Although many of us did not understand his ways, we all understood one thing; his music.  His music remains magical, universal, regal, and powerful.  His love for music can be noted equivalent to his love for this planet and all of its elements. 

 In all of my life I never heard one person say anything negative about his gift as an artist or question his intentions as a humanitarian.  He meant well and loved all.  With that being said:
Dear Michael Jackson,

 You don’t know me, but I have been a fan and have loved you since the day I heard P.Y.T.  Don’t get me wrong, your music was apart of my visits at my aunts house; but, from that point, I have come to know you as a paramount talent.  You charged me to be the best entertainer I can be.  There are other artists but come on, you’re the King!  

 I am from Miami, Dade County, Florida and I have been rapping collectively for three years now.  I have a following in all of Florida and in small parts of Taiwan, but my overall goal is to have global status like you.  I really have to thank you for this, you must know that before every show I have to watch your performance of “I Want You Back” to calm my nerves and your performance of “The love You Save,” to watch you move the crowd.   When ever I see those performances, I am at an elevated level of motivation.  I cannot wait to rock my audience like you did many times.  There is no one else I study because I know that you are the best and no one comes before or after you!

 I will never stop my tradition!!   I know I have you the way I always had you, more than ever!!! Your timeless music will be present in my creative process.  Your energy, power and love for music will continue to drive my career!


 Young Cartoon!



One Response to “A Letter to the Man In The Mirror – Michael Jackson”

  1. themusesince80 said

    that is very moving.

    i loved MJ and i am missing a part of my childhood. i don’t care how much they talk about him, it is well deserved.

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