What’s Buzzin’? – Melissa Rycroft is engaged!

July 1, 2009

melissaSo much on the wire today… Sitting at THAT “coffee place” (Happy to name them when they pay me to do so.) The buzz on my Blackberry ™ is that four months after she was dumped on national television, former Bachelor contestant  Melissa Rycroft is engaged!

 According to my sources at US magazine, Rycroft’s boyfriend, Tye Strickland popped the question to the Dancing With the Stars darling in Dallas on Friday night.   With a flair for extending her 15 minutes of fame, Melissa announced her engagement on ABC’s Good Morning America Tuesday.

(Source: US Magazine)

“Sometimes the stars align and the clouds part and everything works out the way it should,” she said.

Rycroft also found time to “tweet” the news: “Guess the secret’s out…Thank you all so much for being so great and supportive!! We’re soooo excited!”

So hmmm now… And a big  ol’ heapin’ portion of ho hum!  “Who cares”, commented “Janet”, the woman sitting next to me at THAT same place I refuse to mention.  

But Red Carter, Stylista and celebrity designer had a bit more to say. “I make a living making people look and feel beautiful and if this is her slice of happiness I hope it is pure couture… She had off the rack once and now she deserves something special”  

 Carter known for his line of bathing suites that make even me look good has just signed a contract with Jessica Simpson in a co-branding that is a match made in “tankini heaven”.  (www.redcarter.com)

 Thinking I had covered all angles – a special thanks to my new BFF Brettan Bablove, Editorial Director for WS Publishing Group, (www.wspublishinggroup.com) as she gave me a “Learning Moment” (LM) when she shot me an email with –“Just an FYI, there seems to be an interesting trend of bachelor runner-ups getting right back together with an ex-boyfriend after the show and getting engaged. I know that Jenni Croft from the previous bachelor, where neither finalist was chosen, got back with her ex and got engaged within months after the show.

 Perhaps it’s that they finally realize that it’s ludicrous to think you’ll find love with someone on reality TV?”

 Perhaps…NOT!  Live and learn ladies


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