CouchSurfing Ori – A Star on the Rise

July 1, 2009

Every once in awhile I come across someone so randomly faboo I simply have to introduce you.   Ori answered my call to action and may I say with all the love and respect…I thought I was quirky?  Ori – Welcome to my sandbox have fun!


Before your readers start randomly adoring me, just ‘cause I’m your new bff Josh, I thought I should introduce myself!  
I’m CouchSurfingOri (Ori for short), and I travel the world looking for awesome adventures and people. Oh yeah… my trip’s based on “Who’s couch am I crashing on next?”  I’ve stayed at an all girls’ college… with UFC cage fighters (trained with them—ouch!), met the world’s oldest active porn star, went to Burning Man, rode with a bunch of zombies for a shitty B-rated movie, and done all sorts of crazy things that can get me killed (such as Bull Poker- 4 guys + angry bull.  It’s on my blog).  Little known fact: Being an adrenaline junky is a common trait amongst workaholics!
After 3 years of doing this, I’m addicted. I get to experience new people/ places/ things / meet my heroes / and just enjoy life. I get to not be working from morning till night (which is what I do when stationary).  Many people ask why I’m doing this and how I got started.
I do this ‘cause I love it, and also to inspire other people to do what they’re passionate about. No 2 days are alike… I wake up in different places, and always have to solve different challenges (For example, I can tell you that my car does not like slamming into concrete… Thank you, Black Ice).  I’m not saying that everyone should go stay with historical re-enactors, or train with cage fighters… but I am saying that there’s something you like, and you can make it happen. Have you ever felt bored? Ever get sick of the office?  Ever want to go party with the stars, rather than just reading about them? Maybe CouchSurfing is the way to go! Oh yeah… it’s also the best way to live like a millionaire in this crappy economy.
The other week I stayed with Tony Hsieh – CEO of (His place is friggin incredible! Each room is like a different hotel in Vegas).  I just got invited to couchsurf with Keith Ferrazzi, double New York Times bestselling author. I have all the Vodka I want, because I consult for Tito’s Vodka after couchsurfing with them!  Adventurous? Have unique talent/place/product? Don’t have friends that will jump out of a plane with you… contact me!
I started doing this ‘cause my lease was going to run up. I couldn’t decide where to move next… so why not move everywhere?
Social media has been an incredible way of connecting with new friends, fans, and couches.  I even consult on how companies can use it. I blog, tweet, facebook, and sometimes MySpace (I think that MySpace is so 3 years ago).  Leave comments on this (and every other post!  It takes time to write them… it’s just polite. People are dying in Iran to have a voice… you have one! The voice to comment on blog posts!), and let me know what crazy adventures you want to hear about.


3 Responses to “CouchSurfing Ori – A Star on the Rise”

  1. Ori, you and I are far too much alike brother.
    I’ve spent the past 5 years adventuring too (as you know) and they’ve been the best years of my life 🙂

    Keep it up man!

    • Yeah– you’re an inspiration. You have a pilot’s license, and just got engaged… And your site graphics rock. We’re both photographers / marketers. Adventuring is the way to go… I’m hooked… And seems to helped many people live vicariously through me. I encourage everyone to have some memorable adventures!

  2. TheSoMeEx said

    Sounds like a ton of fun! When I was 15, I took off hitchhiking around the country, and ended up joining the carnival for a season.

    There is something magical about not exactly knowing what’ll happen next.


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