Is Pretty the New Ugly?

June 30, 2009

In ours, a post 911 world it appears we have as is the case of the new sleeper/smash hit Heroes, done a bit of an evolutionary leap of our own; slithered out from beneath the primordial ooze of the “Red Carpet” driven no longer by the desire to “nip and tuck” until there is only a vestige (or an earlobe left of the original self) and instead, allowed ourselves to fall in love with a person’s brain.

Yes, Hollywood often has a way of making something so right sound so wrong, but if “pretty is the new ugly” and we are “willing to save the cheerleader to save the world…” we can be assured while we might take some of the “harmony” out of those e-dating sites. When we do in fact spot love in the produce section or heaven help us a book store or library; our other half (to be) won’t end up going in for a “brain lift” although as many of us have learned the hard way – especially after a date gone wrong, a lobotomy may not be a bad thing…I must say with no malice intended…”Paris is finally burning” and Jessica Simpson should perhaps book a one way ticket home to her cartoon family and live happily ever after there.

On a more serious note, the world continues to become increasingly complicated and chaotic so it stands to reason that many of us are now looking for someone who can help sort things out rather than sort through the racks at Bloomingdales or the aisles at Home Depot. Perhaps intelligence has never gone out of style; perhaps we were just not smart enough to notice???


One Response to “Is Pretty the New Ugly?”

  1. Renee said

    wow, ot of coverage in this article, I will try to touch on all if I remember everything.

    Post 9/11- in for brains & not beauty. nah, I don’t think so. I think the shock & awe of post 9/11, in a beauty vs brains match is long over. people have gone back to “what makes me feel good, NOW” &forget about the other person. It’s back to self gradification, infatuation & self-centeredness. Love will still happen, but at no greater a rate then pre 9/11 or immediately following 9/11.

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