June 29, 2009

moneyBuh-Bye Bernie and Other Musings

I was speaking with a new faboo friend who knows more than most about pop culture and money than anyone I ever met.  I love surrounding myself with really samrt people – Intelligent by default is how I see it.  Check out Ellen at www.ellenwhitehurst.com and take a moment to read her thoughts.  Thanks Ellen we will be hearing a great deal more from you!

First there was David Carradine, a grasshopper who got all tangled up in some kinky death sex.  And then came inevitability when beloved Ed and icon Farrah passed.  Of course, ALL was overshadowed by the sudden (alleged) anorexic overdose by King of Pop Michael while pitch perfect Billy Mays passes quietly in Tampa.  After a weekend holding court with the Grim Reaper am really glad to get back to watching courtside as one of the Williams sistas potentially takes Wimbledon.  And, well, speaking of court, Bernie might have Madoff with multi-billions but that money can’t buy his way out of a really long prison sentence scheduled to come down any second.  Look, if you’re ready to stop mourning and to start making your own fortunes why not take a page from Feng Shui and put three fresh rosemary plants in the kitchen on any windowsill.  Said to be especially friendly to women, this adjustment promises financial freedom.  Without the hedge funds attached.  Buh-Bye Bernie.  We’ll do it ourselves this go ‘round.  (And, hey, to learn more about what else you should be investing your energies in, especially in July, sign up for my monthly newsletter at www.ellenwhitehurst.com !  You’ll be happy with the returns!)   

Ellen Whitehurst is a monthly marquee columnist for Redbook magazine as well as the author of the bestselling MAKE THIS YOUR LUCKY DAY. To find out more about where you can find and listen to Ellen every month, log on to


 and make every day your lucky day!


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