June 28, 2009


I can’t say I have completely figured out how I feel about the passing of Michael Jackson.   His music has moved and motivated me over the years, but I would be lying if I said in the past few years I have become concerned that he may have taken a path that in fact hurt some of our innocents.  Nonetheless, he had had a huge impact on me and the topography of music as we know it.

 Will we ever know the truth?   I doubt it.  Will there ever be another Michael?  Absolutely not.   We have lost a musical genius and for now that is what I choose to focus on.   In talking to friends who knew him far better than I do – I hear a reoccurring theme.  Michael appears to have been a gentle if not fragile spirit who was also very giving and willing to help others.

Marlon Campbell – Movie Producer told me in a recent conversation that:



  “I had the opportunity to befriend Marlon Jackson, who in turn helped me land my first recording contract in 1988. I remember the stories he

told me about Michael…how he had this old brown Nova (car) and would have to be made-up for two hours to go to the store just to be under the radar…his humility and greatness was inspirational. He was a huge influence on me and my decision to pursue a career in the entertainment business. He will be greatly missed. RIP Mike”.


I imagine there is more to be said so say it here!


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